On Bended Knees


WB Jim Cook has been cleared for surgery on the 16th. He won't be able to text or do emails for a couple of weeks because he is not allowed to read anything during the healing process! His iPhone will read to him though and also write texts via voice - modern Technology, huh! Plus a good old-fashioned phone call might be a pleasant surprise. Please keep Jim and his family in your prayers Brothers!


WB Jim Cook has an age-related detached retina and is in the process of seeing a Cardiologist , a GP, an Ophthalmologist and a retina surgeon to get expert help and approvals for the surgery to repair the problem so that he will hopefully have 80% sight in the bad eye. This will be a long recovery process so he will need our prayers Brothers. More details to come as he is able to get appointments with all the right doctors!


  • WB T Leon Roberts and wife, Jane need our continued prayers.

  • WB Chuck Albert's wife had Hand Surgery

  • Br Chris Ryle's Mother is undergoing dental surgery with a rough recovery. Please pray for pain relief. for her.

MWGM Has COVID for the 3rd time. Please continue prayers for him and his family.

WB T Leon Roberts and wife, Jane need our continued prayers.

DDGM John Miller is improving but still needs all the support and prayers we can offer.

Jason Weldon.

07/05/2022 Jason's father has had a stroke. This after his mother passing earlier this year. Please continue to offer Prayers for Jason and his family,

David Kilgore.

07/13/2022 David's Son-In-Law is having Open Heart Surgery this morning. Please offer prayers for his recovery and for David's family.

WB Bill Stephens

08/01/2022 Bill is receiving Physical Therapy at Ross Memorial in Kennesaw. His daughter says that he would MUCH appreciate a visit from his Brothers!


07/02/2022 We met Rebecca and her son Anthony at the Fireworks stand today. She donated to the Masonic Charities and was particularly thankful to the Shriners and Children's Hospitals as Anthony has been treated at both for several years! It was a very touching story of survival and hope. Young Anthony looked and acted like a care-free 10 year old despite his trials. His Mother - not so much. But, she was very grateful to receive our prayers. May God bless you and your family Rebecca. -Mike, Bill, Randy, Russell (and now ALL Masons who read this)

FellowCraft Lucas Hopkins

06/19/2022 Lucas tested positive for COVID today. Our prayers are with you!

WB David Kilgore

06/18/2022 David tested positive for COVID today. He has mild symptoms at this point but is taking every precaution possible. Our prayers are with you Brother!

WB Bill Stephens

08/01/2022 Bill is receiving Physical Therapy at Ross Memorial in Kennesaw. His daughter says that he would MUCH appreciate a visit from his Brothers!

06/18/2022 Daughter Julie reports that Brother Bill is "ready to be out of here"; and as it turns out Kennestone hospital feels the same way about him! The family has decided on Ross Memorial in Kennesaw for Bill's rehab - physical, occupational and memory. That is his next step in recovery and it will happen soon. The family is already searching for a good Assisted Living place as Brother Bill will need assistance in his day-to-day activities. Daughter Julie says "Thank all of Bill's Brothers for their ongoing prayers". Brethren, keep it up!

06/13/2022 Overall he is looking better!

06/06/2022 Bill is in Kennestone Hospital Green Tower, #420. He was in the E.R. for leg pain on Friday - back again on Saturday and then admitted. He has a detached muscle that goes around his hip - AND - a tear in a muscle and tendons in the groin area. Doctors do not want to do surgery at his age (90) - so they are going to try physical therapy. The meds that he has been receiving have him disoriented. His daughter Julie and her daughter are helping him every way they can.

Brethren, please pray for Brother Bill and his family - they need our support! And please pass along this info to others.

WB Jason Weldon

06/13/2022 Mom passed a week ago last Wed. Trying to ensure dad is taken care of. He's doing OK but still has spells of depression. Expected after 52 yrs of marriage.

05/29/2022 She's on comfort care. DNR. no water or food. No IV. Just pain meds, Ativan, and oxygen. Me, dad, sis, her husband and son, my aunt and uncle and a bunch of others have come in. BRETHREN, PLEASE KEEP WB JASON AND FAMILY IN YOUR PRAYERS

05/27/2022 . Really need prayers. Mom went downhill all of a sudden today. Massive brain bleeding. We decided not to operate. They're keeping her comfy. It's any minute or hour now. I'm in AL with her.

06/14/2022 WB Jim Gaddy will be having a surgical procedure on his back to relieve pain. Pray for the good hands of the doctors and nurses!

05/13/2022 WB Keith Bryant's Mother passed this week. Please keep his family in your prayers.

05/09/2022 Please keep Rusty Cordle and his family in your prayers. His mom had a heart attack on Saturday 05/07) and is still in the hospital.

04/25/2022 Please keep the following friends and families in your Prayers:

  • WB T Leon Roberts and wife

  • WB Jerry Henry

  • Br Thad Mercer

  • WB Mike Seden

  • WB Bill McGloin wife, Katy

  • IORG Traci Watts family needs prayers on the Anniversary of her death

  • IORG Mother Advisor Smith's husband recovering from burns

04/22/2022 Brother Thad Mercer was involved in a Motorcycle Accident. He is conscious and alert but pretty beat up. He's in Kennestone. Now Rm 549. He could be in the hospital for about another 3 weeks. He may have some financial hurdles for a little while until Disability ins kicks in - keep him in your prayers Brothers!

04/20/2022 Brother David Goodnow says he is excited to return to the Lodge and hopes it will be very soon!

04/20/2022 WB Bill McGloin's wife Katy has shoulder surgery today. He will keep us posted.

04/14/2022 Jerry Henry is getting better but still not home from the hospital. "It has been a week from hell and my main comfort is knowing my brothers are praying for me. Be sure to let them know how I truly feel about my Masonic brothers!"

04/11/2022 Please keep the following friends and families in your Prayers:

  • WB John Miller has a slipped disc and other back problems.

  • WB Keith Bryant needs prayers

  • Continued prayers for Leon and Jane

  • Marcus's Daughter-in-Law is in her 3rd round of Chemo

  • Bill McGloin thanks everyone for continued prayers for his wife Katy

  • John Johnson asks for prayers for his wife who has had a minor surgery

  • Jerry Henry has been hospitalized for AFIB and blood clots with complications

03/28/2022 Please keep the following friends and families in your Prayers:

  • Maria Smith's husband Ben

  • Leon and Jane

  • Amanda Gonyea - foot surgery, then bad wreck!

  • Bill Stephens Brother-in-Law, Doug passed away

  • Johnny Cosby's wife needs a transplant

  • Marcus's Daughter-in-Law is in her 2nd round of Chemo

  • We did not receive return correspondence from the following Emeritus Brothers - so please let the Secretary know if you have contact with them: Hugh Adams, GEN Sparks, John McDaniel Sam J. Crow.

03/14/2022 Please keep the following friends and families in your Prayers:

  • Fernando's Wife

  • Lucas's Wife

  • Leon and Jane

  • David's Sister's family. the Seay Family and Vet Gene Beddington

  • Ben Smith and the Smith Family.

  • Bill Stephens Brother-in-Law, Doug

  • Chris's Mother and family

  • Frank Vinyard's family

  • Marcus's Daughter-in-Law

  • Chuck's wife and two daughters

03/10/2022 Ruth Leizure, wife of PGM Gary Leizure has passed. Funeral in Augusta. Please keep the family in your prayers.

03/10/2022 PGM Jan Giddens Son is having surgery. More prayers please.

03/10/2022 Chaplain David Kilgore sister, Lorraine is in hospice care and needs our prayers along with David and his family.


Please remember our Brother Jim Cook, his Wife and Family while upon Bended Knee.

It is my sad duty to inform you that WB Jim’s Father-in-Law passed away today. We wish them Peace and Comfort during this difficult time.

Russell McDaniel, WM


Chris Ryle (our newest EA) father passed. Plans are in process as there are lots of out-of-country relatives making arrangements. Please keep Chris and his family in your prayers.


Rusty Cordle (our Grand Marshall and honorary Nelms member) His Wife fell and broke her arm, then caught pneumonia, then had a 2nd bout of pneumonia. She is now out of the hospital, but needs our prayers for continued recovery!


Rick Hallwood's Dad went from a hospital to a sub-acute facility and was just declared COVID free! He is doing physical therapy and occupational therapy to get his strength back.


James Osborne (our Memorial Club president) wife passed away from a sudden heart attack last month. Please keep our beloved Brother in your prayers during this difficult time.


Jim Gaddy's youngest Sister is homebound with pneumonia in both lungs. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.


Pete is home from the Hospital - we think he escaped!!!

He is walking on canes and crutches. He's very tired and getting some well deserved rest. It will be at least another week or 2 before he is back to 100%.


From Jeremiah Mitchell. Pete Mitchell is now on fewer sedatives. He is very responsive and trying to communicate, which is hard when you have a feeding tube in your mouth going down your throat and another in your throat to help you breath. His color has improved and the swelling is just in his hands now. I got to talk to him a bit today through video chat and he was quiet animated.


From Jeremiah Mitchell. Some swelling has gone down in Pete's face. They took him off of Epi yesterday and put him on more sedatives which means he slept well. He'll be taken off the sedatives today to get him awake and responsive. He has a temperature of 101 (typical for Dad) but they want to monitor that to make sure there isn't an infection. Honestly, he had a high temp the last time he went through this. They are looking at ways now to get nourishment into him and are constantly checking blood sugars.

Overall - "this is a good sign".


Brother Pete Mitchell suffered a severe life-threatening allergic reaction and needed emergency treatment and surgery. He is at Kennestone hospital. Please keep Santa and his family in your prayers!


Brother Fernando is headed back to Tampa for a Memorial Service for his Mom on Thursday 7/22. The interment will be later on in Brazil.


Brother Fernando's Mom passed away. Many prayers are needed for the family.


Brother Mike Seden (Meyerhardt Lodge) has started Chemo and needs our prayers for a speedy recovery.


Brother Fernando reports that his mom was re-admitted to the hospital in Tampa and that she is in ICU. She will continue to be in our Prayers!


WB Johnny Cosby wife is having debilitating migraine headaches. Please keep her (and Johnny) in your prayers.


WB John Johnson III is having cataract surgery. Prayers are welcomed.


Good news - doctors are now saying Fernando's Mother may be off the ventilator and possibly going home next week. Amazing! Keep those prayers coming.


Good morning he is stable but still in the ICU.

They performed a tracheostomy on her yesterday and they are removing sedation and starting wheezing (removal and recovery)

I’m doing OK otherwise thanks for following up brother, you guys have a great day today at the lodge and a blessed week


She is stable, but still intubated. They are going to try to remove the breathing tube today! More prayers needed.


Brother Fernando is headed to Tampa as his Mom is in the hospital. She was intubated. Fernando is with her. Please keep her and the entire family in your prayers.

--WB Jim Moore



Hugh Gilbert Adams, Jr

Age 89, of Atlanta, passed away Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Mr. Adams was the son of Estelle and Hugh Gilbert Adams, Sr. of Smyrna. Mr. Adams graduated from Fitzhugh Lee School 1947 and Georgia State University 1958.

He was a member of the Smyrna First United Methodist Church and a member of the Pearce Matthews Sunday School class. He was a member of the Optimist Club, Nelms Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and Yaarab Shriners.

The family to have a private graveside service.



Obituary for Travis Floyd Smith, Sr

December 7, 1942 - May 24, 2021

Travis Floyd Smith, Sr., age 78, of Marietta, Georgia passed away May 24, 2021. Graveside Service will be held at 2:00 pm on Sunday, May 30, 2021 at Mountain View Cemetery in Marietta, GA with Rev. Grant Cole and Pastor Joe Postell officiating. Interment will follow at Mountain View Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia.

Travis was a native of LaGrange, GA living most of his life in Marietta, GA. Travis was a member of Open Bible Tabernacle Church in Marietta. He worked as a machinist at Lockheed Martin for 56 years and was a proud member of the I. A. M. Local Lodge 709 and was also a member of Nelms Masonic Lodge #323.

The Family stated that they did not want Masonic Last Rites



Bro Jim Gaddy received word that his oldest daughter was admitted to the hospital last night with a blood pressure reading of 187/132. So far the tests indicate that she has not had a heart attack. And the doctors did not find anything other than the high blood pressure at this time. Elissa may go home today! Please keep Bro Jim’s family and daughter, Elissa, in your prayers.


Jim Moore




Just received another call from Bro David Goodnow. His brother-in-law, James Scott passed today from complications of COVID. Jimmy was 74 years of age and a US Army veteran. David says that he was a great guy and a good man. I ask that you lift up this wonderful family in your prayers when on bended knee.


Jim Moore



Just received a call from Bro David Goodnow. He is requesting prayers for his brother-in-law, James Scott. His wife’s brother. James is in intensive care in the hospital in Hendersonville, Tennessee. He has been diagnosed with COVID, has been placed on a ventilator, and is not doing well. James, known by friends and family as Jimmy, is 74 years of age and is a US Army veteran. David says that he is a great guy and a good man. David asked for Lodge prayers but since we do not meet for four weeks, I thought it best to let the brethren know now so those prayers can start immediately. I ask that you lift up James Scott in your prayers when on bended knee.


Jim Moore


Prayers for these Brothers and their Families:

  • Paul Carter, Springville Lodge

  • Johnny Akin, Acworth Lodge

  • Mike Seden, Meyerhardt Lodge

Special Prayer for the Rainbow Girls and the family of their Mother Advisor, Tracy Watts, who passed away April 24th.

I will Remember A Brother Mason

Quinton Reid Hamby

July 13, 1935 - January 23, 2022 (86 years old)

Quinton Reid HAMBY, age 86, of Marietta, GA passed away on Sunday, January 23, 2022.

A Memorial Service will be held in his honor

on Saturday Feb 12, 2:00 pm

at Georgia Memorial Park Funeral Home, Winkenhofer Chapel

With Masonic Last Rites

conducted by WB Cabot Rohrer


Carlton Roy Godfrey, Sr, Age 81

February 19, 1940 - September 18, 2021

Carlton Godfrey, Sr. 81, of Kingston, passed away on September 18, 2021 at Piedmont Cartersville Medical Center. Born on February 19, 1940, in Rome, he was the son of the late Fred Godfrey and the late Sarah Godfrey.

He was also preceded in death by his wife, Martha Jo Godfrey; his daughter, Gina Godfrey; his brother, Donald Godfrey; and his sister, June Strickland.

Mr. Godfrey was a 50-year Mason, and was heavily involved. He was a dual member of Nelms Lodge #323 and an active member of Kingston Masonic Lodge #394. He was also a member of Oak Grove United Methodist Church.

Carlton enjoyed spending time with his family, gardening, working in his yard and working in his garage.

Survivors include his children, Carlton Godfrey, Jr. (Genise), Ken Godfrey (Kimberly), Mavea Pruitt (Billy); his grandchildren, Kayla Abernathy (Mark), Kendra Boyer (Ty), Trey Pruitt, Bradley Godfrey, Taylor Worthey (Tyler), Brandee Godfrey, Alexis Godfrey, Courtney Godfrey, Gracen Pruitt; 5 great-grandchildren; his sister, Carolyn White; and several nieces and nephews.

The family will receive friends from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on Friday, September 24, 2021 at Jennings Funeral Home prior to the service.

The funeral service will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Friday September 24, 2021 in the chapel of Jennings Funeral Home with Reverend Mark Strickland and Reverend Ken Cross officiating.

Interment will follow in the mausoleum of Sunset Memory Gardens with full Masonic Rites. The family requests that masks be worn to attend all services of Mr. Godfrey.

In lieu of flowers those desiring may make memorial contributions in Mr. Godfrey’s memory to Kingston Masonic Lodge #394, PO Box 155, Kingston, GA 30145.

Parnick Jennings Funeral Home and Cremation Services is honored to serve the family of Carlton Godfrey, Sr.; please visit www.parnickjenningsfuneral.com to share memories and to post condolence messages.

To send flowers to the family or plant a tree in memory of Carlton Roy Godfrey please visit our Tribute Store.