Committees & Volunteer Opportunities

Section A: PTC Committees

Section B: One Time Only Volunteer Opportunities

A. PTC Committees

We are always in need of people with great ideas to help our programs and events go smoothly. Unless otherwise noted, if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering for any of the following committees, please contact the PTC Presidents: Kerry Hurwitch & Michelle Harris at

All Night Party Committee

The All Night Party is an event for graduating seniors and it is a long-standing tradition in Needham. The party is held from 10pm-4am on the night of graduation (typically the first Monday in June) at Pollard Middle School. Committee members help to plan this event by coordinating entertainment and activities held throughout the night, arranging for food and decorations, raising some funds and collecting donations for a prize raffle, as well as coordinating with other local groups that support this event. We are in search of co-chairs to head up a committee for this event.

Auction Committee

The Auction is held in conjunction with our Annual Craft Fair, which takes place at Needham High School on October 24, 2015. Auction Committee members could assist in soliciting items to be auctioned both via mail and in-person, help to manage the database of businesses to be solicited and of items donated, help prepare for the auction by creating bid sheets and prepping the items for display, as well an assisting at the auction itself.

Craft Fair Committee

The Craft Fair in the PTC’s largest fundraiser. In October of each year, over 100 selected exhibitors set up shop in the NHS gyms, we have an enormous bake sale area, and we also sell lunch items. In addition, there is a silent auction (see above)! Committee members may be asked to help coordinate the lunches, help with the bake sale, coordinate publicity, manage the crafter database, or help to coordinate the volunteers for set up. Jocylyn Bailin is chairing this committee.

Enrichment Award Committee

The PTC aims to enrich the academic and co-curricular experiences of students at Needham High by providing small awards of up to $500 for programs that add to student life but are not able to be funded through the school’s budget. Members of the Enrichment Award Committee review the applications and in consultation with each other decide which applications merit funding. Most of this process occurs via email.

Hospitality Committee

The PTC hosts several hospitality events throughout the school year: a staff appreciation breakfast in the fall, a cap-and-gown breakfast for seniors in the fall, a pre-graduation reception for faculty and staff on graduation day, and a staff appreciation BBQ at the end of the year. Members of the Hospitality Committee may help to plan one or more of these events, including coordinating the purchase and/or donations of food and paper goods and volunteering at the event itself. If you love entertaining and would like to participate on this committee, please contact one of the PTC Presidents.

Media Center Volunteers

On the first Wednesday of each month, a group of volunteers meets from approximately 9:30 to 11:30 to work on processing/repairing books. Tasks include stamping, attaching labels and pockets, and covering the books. Please contact Kathy Ganz ( if you’d like to join this group. Volunteers who want to help at other times with book processing/repair, shelving and shelf reading may schedule with Paige Rowse at Volunteers may also sign up for "special projects" that come up that would be matched to the individual's skills and time availability.

Parent Conference Committee

Approximately every other year, the PTC sponsors a Parent Conference at NHS. Committee members work with school staff as well as personnel from the Needham Health Department and the Needham Youth Commission to create an interesting day of speakers and presentations dealing with parenting the high school student.

Spirit Wear Committee

We hope to hold an NHS Spirit Wear clothing sale to raise funds and promote school spirit in the fall. Committee members help to decide what clothing to offer, help to advertise the sale, staff sale tables in the school lobby, and organize and pass out orders.


B. One-Time-Only Volunteer Opportunities

The best way to find discreet volunteer opportunities is to follow the PTC Newsletter. Throughout the year we will be asking for people to step up and give a little time, a baked good, etc. Here are some examples of what you’ll see:

All Night Party

As it’s name implies, this graduation party goes all night long and we need many volunteers to keep our kids safe. Time slots are two hours long.

Craft Fair & Auction

Many day-of event volunteers are needed to make the craft fair and auction run smoothly – set up, hosting, ticket sales, food sales, auction staffing are just a few of the things that we will be looking for help with. Time slots are typically two hours. We also need many bakers to contribute their delicious home-made goodies for the bake sale. This year’s Craft Fair is on October 24, 1015.

Pre-Graduation Reception

The Pre-Graduation Reception is for school faculty and staff and members of the Needham School Committee who attend graduation. Because graduation is held on the evening of a school day, this reception provides participants a welcomed time to relax and re-fuel before the graduation festivities begin. We solicit donations of beverages, appetizers, and sweets to fill the tables. This year’s graduation is on June 6, 2016.

Staff Appreciation Breakfast

We will be advertising for parents to donate breakfast items for this event that starts the year off right.

Staff Appreciation BBQ

The second of two staff appreciation events in the year, this BBQ occurs on one of the last days of school. Traditionally, the PTC provides beverages, burgers, and sausages for this event. We ask parents to donate all types of side dishes and sweets – and that’s what makes this event so special.