NCERA-210 is a regional research project focusing on cooperatives.

The objectives of NCERA-210 are: (1) to promote and coordinate research and educational activities focusing on cooperatively owned business organizations and their role in marketing agricultural products, supplying agricultural inputs, coordinating farm production and marketing activities, performing value-added processing, and providing rural services and (2) to provide a forum for the interaction of decision-makers and analysts from industry, government, and universities and for the distribution and discussion of research results and their implications for cooperatives, their producer-members, the food production and distribution system, the environment, and rural communities.

The procedures of NCERA-210 are: (1) to provide an annual forum for interaction between academics, cooperative management, cooperative boards of directors, and government researchers by (a) conducting an annual two-day forum involving participation from academics, upper and middle management personnel from cooperatives, directors from cooperatives, and researchers in government that will focus on ongoing research on cooperatives, identifying research issues, and organizing research teams among the participants; (b) by adopting an interdisciplinary approach to research by involving agricultural economists, rural sociologists, and faculty from business schools and (c) by developing and maintaining a web page and an electronic list serve to promote active communication and coordination among participants and (2) to link with other national research projects and complimentary groups, such as WCC - 72, NE - 165, the National Institute on Cooperative Education, and Cooperative Economists and Planners.

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