The primary purpose of SSVP is to increase the spiritual growth of its members. Volunteers prepare prayers for all meetings, maintain prayer lists, schedule Masses, organize spiritual reflections and provide spiritual guidance and prayers for other ministries. 

Vincentians Journey Towards Holiness

From its foundation in 1833, the Essential Elements of the Society have been SpiritualityFriendship and Service. That is why the Rule calls us to make the "journey toward holiness". 

   “Vincentians are called to journey towards Holiness, because true Holiness is perfect union with Christ and the perfection of love, which is central to their vocation and the source of its fruitfulness. They aspire to burn with the love of God as revealed by Christ and to deepen their own faith and fidelity.

   They draw nearer to Christ, serving Him in the poor and in one another. They grow more perfect in love by expressing compassionate and tender love to the poor and to one another.”

Therefore, Spirituality is the first purpose of the Society. Our goal is not to bring help to the poor, at least when defined solely as material or financial assistance, but to bring the Love and Peace of Christ to those who are suffering. 

Vincentians enhance their own spirituality by finding their Master, Christ, in the person of those they serve.  Spirituality serves as the life of a Conference, its vitality.  Vincentian Spirituality is based on the very real presence of Christ in those whom we serve.  Vincentians know that when they come to the aid of poor friends or neighbors, they are serving Jesus, their friend and neighbor.  This is the core of Vincentian Spirituality.
Without Spirituality, our Conferences becomes just another welfare organization dispensing food, clothing and money.  By bringing God into this picture, the dispensing turns into loving help and concern for the individual we are trying to assist.

“Therefore, a Vincentian’s journey towards Holiness is primarily made through:

  • Visiting and dedicating themselves to the poor, whose faith and courage often teach Vincentians how to live. Vincentians assume the needs of the poor as their own.

  • Attending the meeting of the Conference or Council, where shared fraternal spirituality is a source of inspiration. Promoting a life of Prayer and Reflection, both at the individual and community level, sharing with their fellow members. 

  • ​Meditating on their Vincentian experiences offers them internal spiritual knowledge of themselves, others and the goodness of God.

  • Transforming their concern into action and their compassion into practical and effective love.”

And so, Vincentians share a marvelous vision of the Love of God extended to both the rich and the poor. Vincentians are thankful for the grace of serving the poor and finding the face of Christ, often disguised in so many ways in the faces of those we serve.