"Charity is the cement which binds Communities to God

and persons to one another . . " -St. Vincent de Paul

Answering Christ's call, we foster hope by providing spiritual, emotional and material assistance on a person-to-person basis to the poor, lonely and forgotten in our community.

Basically we have 3 thrust:

  1. Provide appropriate Emergency Assistance

  2. Provide medium term Economic and Social development assistance to individuals or groups to eradicate poverty by developing independence to help them break out of the poverty cycle.

  3. Champion Social Justice

How We Work

One of the Foundations of our Society has always been to visit the disadvantaged in their homes. Our purpose is to see the face of Christ in the faces of those in need be it financially or socially.

Our home visitation teams work in pairs and are able to share themselves with people in need and by doing so, witness and attempt to understand the grave circumstances of their needs.

Our mission provides us with the opportunity to welcome the homeless and others in need of food, clothing, financial and other assistance.

We partner with other agencies and non-profits in assuring that those in who need help are supported.

Comfort Those In Need of Friendship & Consolation

Our Friendly Neighbors visit the lonely and those in need of consolation by providing one-on-one visits to the homebound, the elderly and the handicapped.

We seek to embrace the lonely and the forgotten, and to transform their pain and despair into healing, acceptance and hope.

Our Friendly Neighbor Ministry provides our senior and homebound neighbors with visitors who offer smiling faces, ears to listen, understanding hearts and friendship.

For people who are homebound or just in need of company, our Friendly Neighbors provide the warmth of human contact.

Emergency Assistance for Utilities, Rent & Other Expenses

  • Emergency Financial Assistance

  • Distributing Critical Financial Support and Resources

  • Providing Furniture and Household Items

  • Energy Assistance to Income-Eligible Households Unable To Pay Utility Bills



We feed the homeless via food distribution on the streets and soup kitchens.


We help feed hundreds of families and individuals with nourishing food. Through monthly and emergency distributions.

    • Rice

    • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

    • Milk

    • Eggs

    • Meat

    • Dry Goods

    • Personal Care Items

Free Clothing for the needy We Serve

Clothing is available for purchase. Additionally, for people having emergencies such as homelessness or major losses due to fires or accidents, it is available for little or no money.