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"Nathan is a talented and multi-faceted musician. Through these new Emerging Methods courses, I believed that Nathan's musical abilities and enthusiasm for teaching made him the excellent candidate (and the first) to move to student teaching with a combination of traditional and non-traditional music education courses. His mentors and I carefully considered his placement at Huntington Beach High School. Nathan was placed with Mr. Greg Gilboe (band, orchestra, keyboard, and other traditional instrumental classes), and Mr. Jamie Knight is his mentor with non-traditional popular music. Mr. Knight developed a nationally recognized music program, and together with Greg Gilboe, they interviewed and accepted Nathan as their student. I am very happy to report that Nathan's development has been stellar to date." - Dr. Daniel Zanutto, Professor of Music Education and Technology, CSU Long Beach

"The first requirement of a great teacher is loving to work with young people and showing them that you care. Nathan is always very busy working with all of my students and they enjoy his guidance and knowledge of music. The second requirement of great teaching is the same requirement of any organization; time management, responsibility, organizational skills, and content knowledge. Mr. Phung possess all of these skills in abundance. In education, it is especially important to not be a "clock puncher" who arrives at the start of work and promptly leaves when the last bell rings. Nathan always shows up two hours early so he can prep and also observe me teach. His whole life is consumed with student teaching and often he is at school from 8AM to 10PM teaching Guitar, Music Tech, and also working with the Orchestra." - Jamie Knight, Apple Distinguished Educator/VAPA Department Chair, Huntington Beach High School

"Nathan... possesses a unique a set of talents that will be incredibly beneficial for the needs of the students.. In addition to traditional band and orchestra, Nathan has been trained to teach music technology, rock band, and other non-traditional emerging ensembles such as Mariachi and Banda, which will reach students not interested in the traditional "band" program." - Danielle Collins, Director of Instrumental Music, Rosemead High School


Dr. Daniel Zanutto
Professor of Music Education and Technology
Bob Cole Conservatory of Music
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90840

Gregg Gilboe
Instrumental Music Director; Director of APA Orchestra Department
Huntington Beach High School
1905 Main Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Music Department Chair; Director of APA Music and Multimedia Entertainment Technology Department
Huntington Beach High School
1905 Main Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Danielle Collins
Instrumental Music Director
Rosemead High School
9063 Mission Drive
Rosemead, CA 91770

Jamie Romero
Office Manager
311 East Valley Boulevard, Suite 106
San Gabriel, CA 91776