Nathan Phung

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." - Victor Hugo

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Nathan Phung is a multi-instrumental musician, music educator, composer/arranger, and songwriter based in the San Gabriel Valley, just east of Los Angeles, California. He has been making music from a young age, singing at age 2, playing the piano at age 5, the trombone at age 10, and the guitar a year after. In the process, he has explored and performed in many musical styles as diverse as classical music, punk rock, Afro-Cuban jazz, and electronic music, providing him with a uniquely well-rounded experience as an adolescent while growing his love and appreciation for music of all kinds. In his youth, Nathan participated in the annual piano and accordion festival held by the Accordion Federation of North America, garnering multiple awards for solo piano performance.


Cell Phone:

(626) 823-0406

Professional organizations: National Association for Music Education, California Music Educators Association, Music Teachers National Association, Association for Popular Music Education, California Association of Professional Music Teachers, Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Music Fraternity of America.

Professional interests: Wind band/orchestral education, popular music education, jazz/rock education, choral education, songwriting, electronic music, informal learning in the music classroom, language acquisition theory as applied to music.

Hailing from El Monte, California, Nathan has been exposed to a diverse musical heritage in his hometown. In the fifties, El Monte was a hotbed for rock & roll and doo-wop music in Los Angeles. In current times, the city flows with vibrancy as garage bands form and play music together. The city also plays host to homegrown mariachi and banda musical groups. These experiences have shaped Mr. Phung as a music educator who seeks to push music education in public schools towards a direction that aims for inclusion of all students by being culturally responsive and relevant to the youth.

With the blessing of receiving a scholarship for classical solo instrumental performance from the El Monte Women’s Club, Nathan went on to pursue post-secondary studies in music at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach. While at the conservatory, he pursued double majors in Instrumental Music Education and Piano Performance, developing his identity as a music educator in the 21st century and developing his skills as a keyboard musician by studying with Mark Uranker. Nathan received his bachelor’s degree in May 2013, and completed his single subject teaching credential at CSU Long Beach’s College of Education.