About me:  My CV

Since October 2014 I am a faculty member at the Computer Science Department of Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheba, Israel

I completed my Ph.D. 
in Tel Aviv University in 2012 
under the supervision of 
Prof. Haim Kaplan and 
Prof. Micha Sharir. 

My research

focuses on the fundamentals of Combinatorial and Computational Geometry.
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Multiple student/postdoc positions available!


SODA 2018 SoCG 2022

News and events: 

An in higher dimensions! (2021)

July 2015: Solution of
The Richter-Thomassen Conjecture
for pairwise intersecting Jordan curves 

October 2013:  My paper 
'On Kinetic Delaunay Triangulations:  A Near Quadratic Bound for Unit Speed Motions' co-wins 
Best Paper Award at FOCS '13.