4-H History Map

Information on History Map July 2015

Links to Video Aids:

Below is the links to the Approval and Submission of a Point.

Nominating a Point: https://youtu.be/KNcVFDLqqrA

**Note on Videos**

(When you play the video, first press the big red play button; then press the Full Screen button in the lower right hand corner and make sure the volume is not muted in the lower left hand corner.) If problems still arise, send an email to nat4hgis@gmail.com.

Links to Maps:

Submission/Nominate: http://arcg.is/1bvGogV

(**Link to submitting a point**)

View/Map: http://arcg.is/1QBM4qf

(**The Map in Viewer Form**)

4-H History Preservation: http://4-hhistorypreservation.com

Below is a PDF with a Step by Step Guide on how to add a point.