About Us

Nappanee Conservation Club is located just outside of Nappanee Indiana. Founded by a group of friends in the early 1930's, meeting at Geyer's Dam just 5 miles east of county road 11. Our mission has been to preserve our environment, our heritage, and our lifestyle for future generations.


Through the generosity of our members, we were able to purchase our current land From Bob Miller and in 1982 moved to our present site. The site is just north of the Baltimore, Ohio, and Chicago railroad tracks and borders a former land fill. Over the years our members have worked to restore, beautify, and repair this land to it’s original beauty. We have worked to provide traditional habitat for local wildlife, as well as a place we can gather and enjoy our outdoor sports.


Currently we are home to 5 shooting ranges, a sporting clays route, and one pavilion. As well as maintaining the majority of the land in it’s natural state. All of our ranges are open to members and guests only, and are available Mon through Sat 8am to 8pm, and Sun 12pm to 8pm. Scheduled events on the calendar are open to the public as well as members.


Throughout the year we support many conservation groups around the area as well as holding fund raisers, work days, and various events.


Annual membership dues are $140.00 for new member initiation, $70.00 per person for renewal memberships. Senior and junior memberships, are $60.00 per person for renewal memberships. A family membership is availible at 2.5 times the regular members rat ($175) per family. These dues are as of membership year 2023, and may be subject to change. In return the member receives a combination to the main gate, and is free to use the grounds in accordance with our by laws at any time.


Rental of the Jean Wells pavilion and grounds is available to members on request. All requests must be presented to the club officers for approval.


Members meetings are held the fourth Thursday of each month in the Jean Wells pavilion on the club grounds at 7pm. Perspective members must attend 2 monthly meetings in a row before they are eligible for membership. Make sure and see a club official or board member at your first meeting to fill out the application, or download a copy from our membership page and bring it with you completed.


We look forward to meeting you at one of our events, or meetings.


Thanks for stopping by,


The NCC Staff