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York Themed Glass

As I live in York, some of my glass makes are York themed. I have not added many of these to my Etsy shop as that is global. Thus I'm adding them here, so those who are interested, can see what I do and contact me if they want one. I am happy to have a go at other local landmarks. 

Yorkshire Rose: 14 x 14cm stained glass £28 plus P&P. Is in my Etsy shop here.
York Minster: 40 x 50cm stained glass £125 plus P&P.
Clifford's Tower: 16 x 25cm fused glass £35 plus P&P.
Rowntree Park: 28cm diameter stained glass £75 plus P&P.
York Hospitium: 22 x 35cm stained and fused glass £100 plus P&P. For photos see the next page.

These make great gifts for someone who has lived in York or Yorkshire.

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