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Fused Glass

Having started working in glass in 2000 as a stained glass artist, in August 2013 I added a small kiln to my workshop. I then purchased a bigger kiln in 2017. Now more than half of my work is in fused glass and I also run group lessons in glass fusing.

Fused glass is made by putting compatible pieces of glass together and then heating them in a kiln to melt the pieces together. These can be kept flat, or put back in the kiln, on a mould, to be slumped into a shape. The top temperature that a pieces is fused to determines the properties it has. If fused at about 810C it will be fully fused and be flat and smooth and about 6mm thick. If fused at about 740C it is tack fused and stays bumpy as it has only got hot enough to stick the pieces of glass together, but not to melt them into one piece. 

Many of my items are listed in my Etsy shop. I am also happy to take on commissions to make other items. For example I have made a bowl to be used to hold water in a church font. Please see the contact details page for how to contact me.

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