Thank you for stopping by! This website is designed for parents, community members, as well as school personnel to be able to look inside our music classroom and for students to access our class content at anytime or anywhere.

Students will use my website to find links that will help reinforce music concepts that we are studying.

Parents can look on our website to see what their kids have been working on in music class and program information.

Teachers can use my website as a resource to find ways of reinforcing their classroom curriculum using music. They can also find updates on program information and see what their students are doing in music class.

Administrators can use my website to view my philosophy of music education as well as get a quick peek into upcoming lesson plans and activities that we may be doing.

Community members will be able to use the website to stay informed on upcoming music events as well as finding ways to help volunteer in the classroom or on preparing for programs.

This website will also provide information regarding musical resources and businesses in and around our community.