Nafeesa Yunus University of Baltimore TEACHING

"If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough."

Albert Einstein

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 Total students (Approx)
Average Eval_since Fall 2010
 Average end ending 20114.66
 Average year ending 2012 4.80


From 2008-2016, Dr. Yunus  taught numerous preparations at UB both online and face to face at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. They include: 

1. Graduate level Corporate Finance (FIN 605-7 Weeks) Face to Face.
2. Graduate level Corporate Finance (FIN 605-7 Weeks) online.
3. Real Estate Finance (FIN 471) Face to Face 
4. Real Estate Investments (FIN 470) Face to Face 
5. Real Estate Principles and Transactions (REED 312) Face to Face 
6. Financial Management (FIN 331) Online and Face to Face 
7. Graduate level Financial Management (FIN 504) Online 
8.  Graduate level Real Estate Investments (FIN 750) Face to Face.
9. Graduate level Corporate Finance (FIN 640) Face to Face.
10. Real Estate Market Analysis (REED 475) Face to Face.