Feral & Stray Cat Spay & Neuter Program

It is estimated that there are 60,000 feral cats living on their own from Longboat Key to North Port according to an article in the Herald Tribune February 26, 2010.

Felinicity is a unique program of Myakka River Animal Clinic designed to spay and neuter feral cats (unsocialized), cats from homes in which there are six or more rescued cats and unowned neighborhood cats fed by Seniors living on a fixed income.  The program has limited funding and has a waiting list when funds are available. 
This program is not intended to help those who have taken in a cat, including strays and are not able to budget the necessary alteration. 
The goal is to reduce the reproduction rate of feral and stray cats within the Venice and Southern Sarasota County area so that there are fewer uncared for outside cats.
For more information to donate or participate, stop by our office and talk to Dr. Dawn.
Past  and  present sponsors:   The VanPelts
                                                     The Allen: Family& Cosmetic Dentistry
                                                     Mrs. Wanek
                                                     Ballard family
                                                     Ceva - Vectra
                                                     Driftwood Kennels
                                                     Elanco- Comfortis
                                                     Garden Sylist
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