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Session Objective

  • Cisco end to end validated Service Provider solution “Evolved Programmable Network (EPN)”
  • To learn about Network Transport Architecture evolution for Carrier Ethernet, Mobile Backhaul “LTE to 5G” & IoT
  • Audience: Network Architect, Solution Architect who design and deploy SP network


  • Introduction
  • EPN 4.0 - Unified MPLS Reference Architecture
  • EPN 5.0 - From Unified MPLS to Agile Carrier Ethernet (ACE)
  • Operational Simplicity
  • Evolving Mobile Backhaul Network Architecture Towards 5G
  • Product Update
  • Conclusion

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Date: December 3rd, 2015

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What is Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN)?

EPN Overview

Cisco EPN Whitepaper

Carrier Ethernet Architecture

Secure MPLS at Access Solution

Unified MPLS

Unified MPLS Label Stack

Cisco Carrier Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul Self Paced Bootcamp

Youtube Video Playlist Link:


  • Introduction to ELINE Services
  • Configuring ELINE Services
  • Configuring CFNM on ELINE Service
  • Configuring Two Way Delay Measurement using Y1731PM
  • Introduction to ELAN Services
  • Configuring G8032 in an Access Ring Network
  • Introduction to MPLS in Access
  • Configuring ELAN Service using H-VPLS BGP Auto Discovery
  • Configuring CE2.0 Layer 2 Protocol Forwarding
  • Configuring Unified MPLS Transport

What is Remote Loop Free Alternate?

Remote LFA Technology Deep Dive

Remote LFA Whitepaper

What is Segment Routing?

Segment Routing Page

What is Cisco Autonomic Networking?

Cisco Autonomic Networking Technical Deep Dive

Introduction to Autonomic Networking (CIsco Live)

Session PDF

Session Video

Autonomic Networking: Simplifying Service Provider Access Deployments (Cisco Live)

Session PDF

Session Video

What is Auto IP?

Auto IP reduces Maintenance Window

What is Service Activation?

Service Activation Y1564

What is Internet Peering?

Internet Peering and Transit Tutorial

BGP IPv4 and IPv6 Full Routing Table Support on ASR920 and ASR903 RSP2

ASR920 and ASR903 RSP2 Full Internet Routing Table Support

Synchronization & Timing Self-Paced Online Bootcamp

Synchronization & Timing Self-Paced Bootcamp

Youtube Video Playlist Link:

Clocking & Sync Part 1/3: TDM and Packet-based Frequency Sync

Clocking & Sync Part 2/3: IEEE 1588 and PTPv2

Clocking & Sync Part 3/3: Configuration of Clocking and Timing

TDM Solution

Network Programmability Demo

Cisco Access Portfolio

Cisco ME1200 Management Tutorial