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Caverns of Titan

16Kb ROM game developed for MSXdev'05.

The Game

Guess what?. It's a Manic Miner clone with a MSXish twist. There're a lot of good platform games for MSX; but none really good in the style of MM. Even the original MM is poorly ported, too much close graphically to the spectrum version. So I decided that being a favorite of mine, the standard deserves a good puzzle/platform game. 


Caverns of Titan (title screen)Caverns of Titan


Caverns of Titan


The usuals in this kind of games:

Space/Trigger : Jumps!
Arrow keys/Stick : Moves left/right!

Load instructions

Being a ROM game, you can use any emulator or EXECROM MSX-DOS utility to load and execute it.  The game has been tested with success on OpenMSX and BlueMSX.

This game must run in all MSX real machines. Caverns of Titan has been tested specifically on the following models with no problems at all:

- SonyHB-75P (photo)
- PhilipsNMS 8245 (photo)
- PanasonicFS-A1FX (photo)
- PanasonicFS-A1ST (photo)


Binary (ROM file) : caverns.rom

Documentation: Game instructions  / Instrucciones del juego

Media: ROM cartridge sticker


20-12-05 First release!

23-12-05 Update.

  • Added some background decorations to level 3.
  • Fixed info in scrolling text and added some credits.
  • Optimized some routines to gain some space.

28-12-05 Update.

  • Fixed incorrect initialization of PSG R#7.
  • Added a new sound system and some great SFX. Thnx Wyz!!.
  • Optimized again.