What do we do?

  • MSUS is a student organization that runs professional development events for PhD and undergraduate students at Northwestern in the field of materials science and related fields.
  • Check out our calendar of upcoming events and information about past events. You can add our google calendars to yours by clicking the "+ Google Calendar" button in the bottom right hand corner of our calendar
  • Additional resources for PhD students can be found here.
  • We encourage you to contact us (email msusnu@gmail.com or one of us) if you have any event ideas or suggestions or smart remarks!

Who are we?

  • Our umbrella encompasses the student chapters of materials science related professional societies including MRS (Materials Research Society), AVS (American Vacuum Society), and MA (Materials Advantage). 
  • Our current executive committee members are:
    • Sarah Howell - MSUS Chair
    • Shengshuang Zhu  - MSUS Outreach Liaison
    • Josh Yeh  - MSUS Treasurer
    • Hypo Chen - MRS President
    • Qingyuan Lin - MRS Vice President
    • Gavin Campbell- AVS President
    • Spencer Wells - AVS Vice President
    • Alex Lin - MA President
    • Rebecca Glaser - MA Vice President
    • Norman Luu  - MA Secretary
    • Kareem Youssef  - MA Treasurer

MSUS Leadership 2017: 
(left to right) Qingyuan Lin, Changrui Gao, Spencer Wells, Ju Ying Shang, Shengshuang Zhu, Hypo Chen, Gavin Campbell, Atharva Sahasrabudhe, Josh Yeh

MSUS Leadership 2016: 
Josh Yeh, Shengshuang Zhu, Hypo Chen, Gavin Campbell, Sarah Howell, Spencer Wells, Qingyuan Lin