Chapter History

Founding line

A group of women at Michigan State University who were drawn to Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. came together in the Spring of 2007. The organization began with four ladies. By the Spring of 2007 the group of women had a total of six ladies. (Of the four original ladies only two would later become sisters of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Aleida Martinez - Flores, founding sister of Epsilon Pi Chapter and Teresa Almanza, sister of Alpha Xi Alumni Chapter). Considering that Lambda Theta Alpha is an academic based sorority, the first event they held as a unit was an educational event called “Loteria Night”.  

After 4 years of dedication, hard work, and perseverance seven ladies founded the Epsilon Pi Chapter at Michigan State University, "El Corazón de Perseverancia". 

Chapter Lineage

"Las Siete Elegidas"
Spring Semester
April 16th, 2011

"La Alianza Imparable"
Spring Semester
March 31st, 2012

"Las Doce Almas de Fortaleza"
Fall Semester
November 16th, 2013

"Las Seis Damas Divinas" 
Spring Semester 
February 21st, 2015 

Line Four
"The Refined Nine"
Spring Semester
April 9th, 2016

Line Five
"La Fuerza de Unidad"
Spring Semester
April 15th, 2017