Learn it, Do it, Teach it, Know it!

If people do not believe that mathematics is simple,

it is only because they do not realize how

complicated life is.

~John Louis von Neumann


Want to help your student succeed in school!? Here are some things that you can do:

  • Develop a daily routine
    • Math is a language that must be practiced. Sit with them, see that they are doing it.
    • Even if the lessons do not get completely finished, working the current lesson will help prepare students for the current test.
    • Worrying about lessons that are way over due is a bad way to prepare for the current test.
  • Ensure that your student is attending class daily
    • It's especially difficult to practice the math correctly if one does not see the correct way to practice.
    • Often the lesson videos and notes will show short cuts or tricks that the book does not cover, watching the videos or being present for notes will ensure that students practice the math the smartest/most straight forward way.
  • Access Time is every day
    • FREE tutoring!
    • Teachers not a mind readers, see your teachers with your struggles before test day when your grade is at stake.