Sudoku Program's Home Page

Welcome to the Sudoku Puzzle - Now at GoogleSites!

What is Sudoku Puzzle?

The windows program allows you to play Sudoku easily and offline. It has a simple user interface which allows you to enter any cipher into any field by just one single mouse click!


Sudoku Puzzle does not change any windows settings (e.g. registry), all settings are saved into a sudoku.ini (locally or in the windows directory).

Before you start!

You can change Sudoku Puzzle in design (full screen/window, 2D/3D, display errors, choose colors, character sets etc.), puzzle creation (level, mixing mode, rotating etc.) and input modes (keyboard/mouse, mouse cursor etc.).

So it is important to know, that all actual settings can be saved by pressing Ctrl-'W'. Once you found your personal setting, just press Ctrl-'W' to keep it!

(c) 2006-2009 Michael Vogel