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Forerunner Screenshots...

The Forerunner viewer displays all your sport tracks collected with GPS utilities like the Garmin Forerunner or Garmin Edge...

Export your data with the Training Center to a history file (*.hst or *.tcx) and compact it with the Compacter.

Then you can easily select this history file with all your training data in the main dialog of the Forerunner application (drag and drop or via the file selector).

Now you are ready to select one of your sport tracks...

Sport tracks can be viewed in 3D, of course it is possible to zoom, rotate, pan the course as you like...
You are able to display track informations and diagrams or even change the color set...
A huge number of parameters can be changed by using the option dialog - it is available from the main dialog as well from the 3D view.
A list of all shortcuts is also available in this dialog

A monthly report of all your activities helps to get an overview of your whole sport life...
The program generates a table which contains all your results divided in sport sections for each month of the year. You are able to show the distance, time, speed and pace values and their sums/median, but it is also possible to summarize multiple sections in an extra summary, where even cummulated values can be displayed.

More detailed informations can be viewed for selected months...

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