Welcome to Benton STEM Elementary


My school focuses on STEM Education and providing students with the skills needed for whatever career they hope to enter after school.  This means your child will have more opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration.  Our goal is to connect what they are learning to careers and jobs in the real world so they understand the importance of the things they are learning.  We also have more opportunities for them to use their reading, writing, and math skills to help them learn science, engineering, and mathematics concepts.


I am our STEM Specialist which means I get to work with every classroom on natural integration of all content areas during the school day.  I also work with classes and small groups of students to teach them additional content in all areas.  In addition, I write grants and collaborate with the community to build strong relationships between our STEM program and the Columbia community.


Presentation resources can be found by clicking on the resources tab on the left of this page.  Please check out my academic pages to find ways to help your students succeed.



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