17th March- Unfortunately, due to further restrictions put in place regarding Covid-19, the difficult decision has been made to suspend all RDA activities until further notice. For more information, visit

2nd March- To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the South Wales region we were lucky enough to have a Royal visit from the president of riding for the disabled, HRH Princess Anne!! The day included both mounted and unmounted games, dressage, a carriage driving display, a drill ride and a parade. All riders and volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the day and we were lucky to have sun all day. Thanks must go to all those who organised the event and worked to make it the success that it was.


14th December- Our Christmas ride was in Pencoed college. There were plenty of Christmas themed games and music. Of course the ponies and volunteers were dressed in their best tinsel and festive jumpers ready to spread the Christmas cheer. Congratulations to Dan for winning the most improved rider award. there were also plenty of other awards such as the group's dressage diva and the best rising trot.

30th November- Was this year's Christmas coffee morning. There were lots of cakes and lots of people. the event also included a raffle, guess the sweets in the jar and guess the weight of the Christmas pudding competitions. Thanks to everyone who made cakes, bought a raffle prize, attended or helped the event become the success that it was.

5th October- We held our open morning to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our group and 50 years of RDA. the event was a huge success and everyone enjoyed.

12th & 13th July - Congratulations to Tyler, Charlotte, Maddi and Paolo who attended the RDA national championships at Hartpury College this weekend. Paolo came sixth in his countryside challenge class, Charlotte third, and Tyler second.

29th May - Great big well done to everyone at the regional qualifiers today. With Charlotte, Maddi, Paolo and Tyler all qualifying for the national championships. Reallygood work from everyone.


5th November - Thanks to one of our youngest volunteers Joss for hosting a afternoon tea in aid of our group. Joss made some splendid cakes and raised £200 for the group!

4th August - The Big Ride

Thanks to Tyler and Maddi for raising over £200 of sponsorship and taking part in RDA Nationals Big Ride in Aberdare.

14th July - Well done to Amelia on her second place at the National Championships riding our very own Bow!

19th June - Well done to all our riders who competed at the South Wales Regional Fun Day in Pontcanna. Fun was had by all and lots of rosettes came home to Mount Pleasant group


Some Scary Goings on at Mount Pleasant RDA this morning!

Spooky October 31st, 2015

Ponies, volunteers, riders and the Coach got into the Halloween spirit! Lots of spooky games of musical cones, the Witches challenge and the search was on for the black cats!

L - R: Giorgio & Bow, Diana as a ;witch' for the day!, Ghostbusting Coach Anneli!


Update from Coach, Anneli - October 17th, 2015

As Edward would say we had an 'Awesome' morning and I even managed to get some pictures for you all! Riders worked on riding independently and although we've still got a long way to go huge progress has been made. Cerys is gaining in strength each week, she rode for 25 minutes today which was fabulous. Charlotte and Morgana did brilliant rising trot work with little to no assistance. First ride for Daniel and he was super duper, surprising everyone, including his mum with his confidence. Tia's brief was to get Toffee moving forward enough to catch Amelia & Bow and she did, great team work. And finally well done to new riders Tia and Jade. Tia battled a few nerves but got on with things and did a fab job of riding George. I'm hoping you keep up the good work during our week off and looking forward to seeing you all in your spooktacular outfits on the 31st!

Cerys with her helpers Libby, Alys and Alex

L- R: Cerys & Toffee with their helpers Libby, Alys and Alex, Morganna & George with their leader Joss, Charlotte & Patches and independent ladies Tia and Amelia!


BT Volunteers at Mount Pleasant RDA Group! - 8th October, 2015

BT volunteers from Swansea & Cardiff are working extremely hard for us this morning. Stables are having a new coat of varnish, Pixie and George are going to have a new stable as volunteers are converting our hay barn for them, the school is being weeded and the stables are having a complete clean out from top to bottom!

George and Pixie are making themselves comfortable in their new residence. Patches has a new feeder and Patches and George enjoyed a pamper session all courtesy of the BT volunteers!

George & Pixie with their BT Volunteer!


UPDATE: August 23rd, 2015

Another busy day for us, all the normal fun plus a spot of cantering at the end of group 3's lesson. Ellie had a nice surprise as we'd received an award for her from RDA national. Ellie was class champion for the independently ridden countryside challenge course at the national championships. The ponies were pretty tired after all that cantering so couldn't wait to be turned out for a quick roll and a graze. Thanks to our youngest volunteer Joss for making sure Bow was well plastered in his suncream, it's a very sticky job!

RDA National Championships 2015 - Hartpury College, Gloucestershire

July 19th, 2015

An exhausting weekend but a good one, fantastic work from all our riders and huge congratulations to Ellie for wining the independent class! Thanks to all the team who made our trip away a success! Hope you all enjoy the photos, Lucie and Alex are trying to convince me we need to become a vaulting group!

L-R - Peter & Patches with their leader, Lucie, during their Countryside Challenge - Ellie with the award and Alex trying her hand at vaulting!


Endurance Riding!

Endurance riding for us this morning. The girls rode along the common and then came back to the ménage for the timed section, wash down and vet check. At the end of the lesson everyone had the chance to check the pony's heart rates.

Bow & Amelia following their endurance ride!

More fantastic support from NFU Bridgend & The Vale

May 30th, 2015

Another "Thank you" to NFU Bridgend & The Vale for their continued support. This morning Pam Harris presented us with yet another huge cheque to enable us to continue our work! Next stop a roof on the ménage!

Mount Pleasant RDA Group Chairman, Christopher Jeynes accepting a cheque from Pam Harris of NFU Mutual Bridgend & The Vale



We've had a super morning with our Grand Opening of the Ménage. Huge thanks to all of our sponsors who have supported us by donating towards this project. Pam and David Harris from NFU Bridgend & The Vale did a fabulous job of cutting the ribbon and special thanks to Lance Hill from Cruz Cafe for keeping all our sponsors supplied with hot drinks.


NEWS - 2013


Many thanks to the People's Postcode Lottery for awarding us £8,500 towards our ménage! Planning permission has been granted and building is due to start before the end of this month!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Dressage Anywhere - 6th June, 2013

Ellie Wilcox has achieved 3rd place in the RDA Dressage Anywhere Championship Show! The competition was very tight and there were only 5 points between the first three places. Ellie will now be invited to the prize giving at the RDA National Championships at Hartpury College Gloucester to recieve a bronze medal! we are all very proud of her and Bow.

South Wales RDA Regional Fun Day and National Championship Qualifier - 3rd June, 2013

Six of our riders and 3 of our ponies represented us at the South Wales RDA Regional Fun Day and National Championship Qualifier. All riders entered the Dressage Competition performing Introduction to Dressage Test 2 with Tia coming 1st, Amelia 2nd, Peter 3rd, Poppy 4th, Eleanor 5th and Morgana Highly Commended. In the National Championship Qualifier, the Countryside Challenge, Amelia and Eleanor came 1st and 2nd in their class with Peter and Tia taking 3rd and 4th places and Poppy and Morgana came 1st and 6th in their class. All our riders achieved the qualifing mark of 60% or more but only those in 1st and 2nd places can go on to compete at the National Championships. Our fingers are crossed for Amelia, Eleanor, Poppy, Patches and Toffee who will be representing South Wales and Mount Pleasant RDA on the 13th July & 14th of July 2013!

Musical Ride Update! - 31st May, 2013

We have just heard from RDA National that we are through to the final of the Musical Ride Competition. The judging takes place at Hartpury College Gloucester during the weekend of the RDA National Championships on the 13th and 14th July, we'll keep you posted on how we get on!

"Thank you" to NFU Bridgend & The Vale - 17th May, 2013

We would like to say a Massive Thank you to NFU Kelly and Harris for choosing us as one of their charities for their charity golf day. A huge amount of money was raised which will go towards our menage fund! Extra thanks to Pam Harris and Tony for all their hard work in organising the event and for ensuring eveyone enjoyed themselves!

Awaiting the compitition results - 6th May, 2013

Ellie's Dressage Anywhere test has been marked and is up on the Scoreboard. Now it's a waiting game to see how the other two riders in the Championship get on, and what colour medal Ellie will come home with!

Back at home - 27th April, 2013

It was a lovely morning to be back at Mount Pleasant Stables, the riders did well as did the ponies. We worked on dressage, grade 2 proficiency tests and off the lead rein work so it was a busy few hours. Ellie had a very comfortable ride on Pixie as he was sporting his new saddle to which we are very grateful to Huw Thomas Saddlery for helping us find the perfect one at the perfect price!

14th April 2013

Musical Ride

Police RDA

It was the musical ride filming session this morning and I am so proud of all our riders, ponies and volunteers! Everyone pulled together and the ride was a huge success. Thank you's go to Sarah Goldsworthy for filming, Luke Ryan & Party Britain for the bank robber costume, Ben Harris for the music, Ricky & Sullivan, Beth & Ruben from the Mounted Police! Follow this link to the South Wales Police and watch the video

Police Ride In Action

1st April 2013Congratulations to all ridersBig congratulations to Eleanor Willcox who has come 3rd in her class of the RDA Dressage Anywhere competition and has qualified for the Championship Show! Morgana Luke took 4th place with a tie for 5th between Poppy Parrit, Tia Chapman and Amelia Griffiths. We are very proud of all our riders and their ponies!1st February 2013

Waitrose Cowbridge, Community Matters

We are very pleased to say during the month of February have been chosen as one of the charities to benefit from the Community Matters scheme run by Waitrose Cowbridge. When you make a purchase at Waitrose you will be given a token to place in one of the boxes of the 3 chosen charities, the tokens are added up and a donation shared out at the end of the month. Please think of us when you place your token and share this status with your friends!

16th January 2013

Musical Ride filming date

Our Laughing Policeman musical ride will be filmed on Sunday 14th April, we need lots of volunteers to help so please let us know if you can or can't make it!

3rd January 2013

New Wardobes

We are very pleased to have been successful in our application to the RDA Countrywide Grant Fund. The money received will go towards improving Pixie and Toffee's wardrobes!

15th Decemeber 2013

Christmas Ride and special visitor

We had a special visitor at our Christmas Ride today.

9th December 2013

Christmas Coffee morning success

Many thanks to everyone who made our Christmas Coffee Morning a success, we raised over £300!


21st July 2012

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Steve Chapman and his family for their continued support. Steve did a sponsored cycle in aid of Mount Pleasant RDA, covering 127 miles in 8 and a half hours. A massive £515 was raised!

23rd May 2012

We would like to thank Coychurch Higher Community Council for their kind donation of £50, this will be used towards the materials cost of a new fixed mounting block which should be completed within a coupe of weeks.

22nd May 2012

We had a brilliant day yesterday at the South Wales Regional Fun Day. Morganna and Tia brought home first place in the dressage with Amelia coming in second, Eleanor third, Peter fifth and Poppy sixth. All riders achieved a Clear Round in the Handy Pony Competition and A Special Award for the Stable Management Section. We are already looking forward to next year's competition and perhaps even qualifiying for the National Championships 2013!

24th March 2012

We would like to announce that Mount Pleasant RDA are now the official owners of Cefn Gelli Rainbow! Some of you might remember that Bow came to us on loan from Bridgend County RDA last year. As Bow is such an important member of our team we asked Bridgend County if we could make the arrangement more permanent and they happily agreed! Many thanks Bridgend County!

24th March 2012

We are very grateful to Sally and Rachel King for selling cakes at the car boot sale held at the Whitehill pub in Brynna. They raised £30 which will go towards our group running costs. Many thanks!

NEWS 2011

17th December 2011

Father Christmas made a special visit to our riders to deliver some pre-christmas goodies for our riders, ponies and volunteers.

Dressage Anywhere Rosettes

6th December 2011

We would like to thank the 3rd Cowbridge Brownies (Ystradowen) who have raised £116 for Mount Pleasant RDA as part of their Pet Challenge Badge. The Brownies raised the money by holding a cuddly pet show and a bake sale for their friends and family. Many thanks girls!25th

November 2011

We held a Christmas Coffe Morning today and raised £220 for our group. Thank you to eveyone who came along and supported us.

10th November 2011

Many thanks to Mrs Hilda Preece for holding a Coffee Morning in aid of Mount Pleasant RDA. A grand total of £104 has been raised and sponsor the hire of Pencoed College for 5 more sessions.

5th November 2011

We have had our first ride at Pencoed College. The ponies quite enjoyed their ride in the horse box, even if it was only for a 5 minute trip down the road. Morganna and Tia worked very hard and rode really well. Many thanks to Mr and Mrs Wills for sponsoring the hire of the school for our first session.

18th October 2011

Countrywide Stores had an equestrian event last week and we are grateful to them for inviting us along and having a display area. We also sold home made cakes and had a guess the pony name competition. I'm pleased to announce that Oliver Raynor guessed correctly the pony is called Puzzle and he won a mini hamper. Thank you to everyone who took part and helped man the store throught the day.

17th September 2011

Toffee's first RDA session. Toffee has done extremely well and has proved that she can pretty much turn her hoof to anything. We have big plans for her and hope to compete her and Bow in the Regional competition next May.

11th September 2011

Toffee has arrived! Toffee or Larkland Lucy Locket is our newest pony, she is a 13HH, 17 year old, Chestnut, Welsh Section B mare. Toffee has been very kindly donated to us by Gareth, Lowri, Bethany and Eleri Davies. Eleri had grown out of Toffee and the family wanted her to have a bit of a quieter life so she is trying out being an RDA pony. We'll keep you posted on her progress!

15th August 2011

Many thanks to Steve Chapman who adopted one of our ponies Bow for a year for his daughter Tia.

Many thanks to Alan Chapman who also adopted Bow for his daughter Hollie.

The following Horses and Ponies are available for adoption at £10 a year

Officer Dibble, Cordelia, Bow, Gus, Toffee, Sparkle, Seren and Pixie

Once you have adopted your horse or pony you will receive an adoption certificate, photos of your Pony, a christmas card, birthday card and our annual newsletter.

6th August 2011

Congratulations to Peter Ryan and Tia Chapman for passing their RDA Grade 1 Tests. The tests are split into two parts, Riding and Horse Care. In the Riding section Peter and Tia had to demonstrate how to steer and stop their Pony and how to thank the pony by giving him a pat. For the Horse Care section they had to have a good knowledge of the parts of the Pony and the Saddle and Bridle. Both riders passed with flying colours and have already started revising for their Grade 2!

10th June 2011

We are all very excited about the arrival of a new pony. Cefn Gelli Rainbow, Bow for short, has been loaned to our group by the Bridgend County RDA group. Bow was a little too small to stay with the Bridgend Group when they moved to Pencoed College. Bridgend Group wanted him to continue doing RDA work so asked us if we could use him which has been a great sucess. Many thanks Bridgend County!

23rd May 2011

Congratulations to Peter Ryan on gaining 2nd place in the Introduction to Dressage Test A at the South Wales Regional Fun Day. Peter also competed in the Clear Round Handy Pony Competition , where he had a clear round and the Stable Management Quiz for which he gained a Special Award.

11th April 2011

We are currently looking for another pony must be 12hh to 13.2hh, over 5 years old, be of a good nature and sound, if you can help please do not hesitate to contact us.

3rd April 2011

Thank you to Byron Davies, BD Consulting UK Ltd, for their very generous donation to help towards our running costs. You'll notice we added BD Consulting UK Ltd logo, if you click on the logo it'll take you across to their website.

2nd April 2011

A huge thank you to all those who attended and supported our coffee morning. We were amazed how much was raised, £290. Thank you to those people who made cakes for the occasion, I can say from personal experience, they were delicious.

15th March 2011

Website design taking place, please bear with us while we get it all together.