Mounted Just Right Taxidermy

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                                               Satisfaction Guaranteed ! 

We believe in quality & don't cut any corners , our work is excellent ! We do charge accordingly, because we do twice as much to preserve your lifetime Trophy. We strive in perfection , our updated tanning & mounting procedures will out perform out dated processes. Put your trust in us & your mounts will outlast & look better. We wont compete for price with our competition. Our quality makes your trophy outlast our competitions.We guarantee satisfaction to your liking.  

Mounted Just Right Taxidermy 

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We no longer accept  personal checks or credit cards, We only accept Cash 


I check my Text messages  during the day during gun deer season , Please text your questions  so I can get back to you @ 414-915-4998


During Gun Deer Season , we will accept deer , starting on THANKSGIVING evening. To get an appointment please text my cell 414-915-4998.

I will be open by appointment only 10:00 am. to 8:00  pm. Mon through Friday

Saturday    10:00 am to 12 pm by appointment only.

 Please Text  1 hour before arrival.

FOX 6 News with Tony Clark filmed me as a   featured  business.

Click LINK: -----------> Tony sheds light on myths of taxidermy |

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Wisconsin Taxidermist

 Wildlife Artist Gregory Goss



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My Step Sons Expert Riflemen In Marine Corps ,Tyler ,Ryan           Our Marines protecting our Freedom.


Proud to be Americans  , Proud to be Marines !Protecting our Freedoms to be able to be safe in the United States so we are all able to hunt. God Bless my Step Sons ! 



 Learn Taxidermy Now !  1 on 1 Classes.

(Refurbishing & Mount Cleaning Available)

Please view our new page of before & after photos of repaired or cleaned mounts.






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Taxidermy specials are honored in only one way.All you need to do is call us before the expiration day and get your deposit to me in cash.We do not accept credit cards at this time or personal checks. . Thanks for your Patronage.


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NOTE! Pricing is hard to keep updated ,due to the market changing constantly.Our price list is an approximate estimate ,prices may go down as well as up at any time. 

Watch our site for new products.


New Trophy Cleaner

              $16.00 Each



Do you want it mounted your way?                      Of coarse you do !

Do you want the new Updated Procedures?         Of coarse you do !

Do you want your mount back sooner?                Of coarse you do !


Why would you go to a Taxidermist who does not return calls or takes years to return your mount when you deserve Honesty.Why would you want to save money to SACRIFICE SERVICE / QUALITY & INTEGRITY. We believe you deserve THE BEST.             


I will answer that for you.

Its a once in a lifetime trophy and you spend big money on a great trip.

Do you really want a mount that looks like its was done by someone who does a couple mounts a year? You only get one chance to mount it right.

So spend the extra and get it your way and protect your trophy with a QUALITY TAXIDERMIST.


We price our mounts fair & give twice the service and cut no corners. We have upgrades available for the customer who wants the best and we still provide basic mounts that are still higher quality than other taxidermist provide.


What are you waiting for call us now so we can get that trophy prepared before the hair slips out or spoils. We provide complete full service as I am a FULL TIME TAXIDERMIST.



In House Pressure Tanning

Faster return of your trophy

Quality & Price is the difference between us & our competition.

 We promise to get your trophy back within 1year & 4 months.

 No bs with Mounted Just Right Taxidermy ,you get quality Service as I personal do all my own work.

One free lifetime repair !

My labor is free, you only pay for materials. You will get an estimate before the repair is started.

Professionally trained by the best!

I updated my training recently, to keep up with the changes in Taxidermy and continue to develop new techniques on a regular basis to give you the very best mounts possible. I am a full time taxidermist , not a part time hobbyist.

Dan Rinehart's Taxidermy School!


American Institute Of Taxidermy.

#1   Choose a Taxidermist for the quality of his work not his cheap price

#2   We professionally handle & pressure tan each hide putting softening oils through entire hide helping to prevent cracking.

#3   Details are correct in the anatomy of every animal. 

#4   The nose texture will be put back in your mount as realistic eye positioning.

#5   We customize each & every mount the way you like it.

#6   I personally handle each mount & never hire other taxidermists to do my work.

#We customize your form to fit your cape , not cut your hide to make it fit the form.

#8   I  shot many Trophies , watching these animals, I'm able to provide you a realistic mount professionally every time.

#9   No delay in delivery of your trophy , no waiting 3 years to get your mount back.

#10 We complete skinning ,fleshing & tanning right away to help prevent hair slippage & cape damage.

#11  Softening agents are used behind the eyes & nose to help prevent cracking & drying out.

#12  We airbrush all the detail back into your mount after the harvest to ensure great detail.

#13   We are honest and fair with all customers & won't compete in price because we are unique & take pride in our quality

         of your mount not in the amount of money we can save you. Quality starts with costs.

#14   We have a full Taxidermy studio full of mounts for you to look at.

#15   Mounted Just Right every Time! Of Coarse , its what you expect! 


We are located north of Hwy 60 , just west of Ridgeway drive & east of Jackson drive on Highland Rd.

Please click on our link before Drop Off of Trophy to see where were located!

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Mounted Just Right Taxidermy


N171 W19991 Highland Rd

Jackson , WI 53037



 We require 50% cash down on drop off and 50% due on pickup date.

No personal checks or credit cards will be accepted at this time. 

 No capes will be accepted that are left at my door.

Finished mounts must be picked up within 2 weeks or a storage fee of $30 will be imposed per week without prior arrangements made within 1 full work day.  

I want to thank all of you who visited our web site and look forward to Mounting your Trophy Just Right 4 U .  Check back here often because we will update periodically and who knows , you may be our next featured photo on the site.

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Mounted Just Right Taxidermy

N171 W19991 Highland Rd

Jackson Wisconsin , 53037 

Skull Mounts,Horn Mounts,Scenes and Plaques ,Pedestal Mounts,Replacement Capes,Much More. Quality Guaranteed,Full Time Taxidermists serving Quality Minded Sportsman,Licensed & Professionally Trained , True to Life Animal Mounts.We use series 100 Manikins which have more realistic features to bring out the True life of your animal. Nature look Rocks also can be added, Unique and custom work available. We do more for your mount and thus you receive more bang for your BUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!