Look inside the book

You're probably wondering what the book's really like, so here is a chance to look inside.

The print quality files are too big to upload so there may be a slight loss of definition on some maps.

For the best experience try to view on a tablet or computer.

Here you can read the Introduction which covers Grading, Planning, Equipment and Access

My personal all time best day out is Day 3 of Route 4! You can download the whole route, below:

Look inside ROUTE 4 TW 13 03 19d.pdf

The Cairngorms are a great place to start. Route11 is the easiest of our Cairngorm routes. I did it first with my sons, then 13 and 14.

Its presented here with a Cairngorm introduction.

You'll see that the first day of this route is the same as Day3 of Route 10 so you'll need those pages too


Then buy, of course!