Over the last two decades, mountain biking has developed enormously as a “sport”. We greatly admire the technical and athletic capabilities of modern day mountain bikers and recognise that many excellent mountain biking guides have been written and custom-built trails set up.

However, in this guide we try to reopen a sense of adventure and wilderness to mountain biking, providing multi-day routes with a remoteness, continuity and “arc” missing from many modern guides with their focus on day and half day outings.

Sixteen are in Scotland, three in Northern England, and a bonus track is on southern chalk. The Scottish routes include well-known through routes and some passes previously restricted to those on foot.

This is where the adventure and wilderness come in, and although some of the easier routes could be for any able bodied biker, the harder ones require mountain craft as well as cross country cycling skill and fitness.

We hope that this web site will give you a greater sense of the book, and will make you want to purchase it - but if you have any queries we'd love to hear from you by email or on our Facebook page!

Tony & Hugh