CJ7 Wrangler 1982

1982 Jeep Wrangler CJ7 rebuild project. Videos of rebuild here: https://goo.gl/pKC34T
I wanted to rebuild this Jeep my way, not going off others ideas or a full frame off rebuild, so with a plasma cutter and mig welder I start my journey.

Picked up this 82 Jeep Wrangler CJ7 project. She is pretty rusty but the frame is in decent shape, worthy of a quick rebuild, not full off frame resto, but new diamond plate floors, body panels and paint should be good. Runs great mechanically, needs brake work and calipers, probably U-joints of course.

This 82 CJ7 Wrangler came with the AMC 258ci inline 6 with 115hp @ 3200 rpm and 210 ftlb tq at 1800 rpm. with a GM TH400 (turbo 400) 3 speed automatic transmission, a Dana 300 transfer case, Dana 30 front axle,AMC 20 rear axle and the factory Hardtop.

I am undecided on whether I should remove the plow setup and sell it. I have 3 other vehicles with plows. I can probably get a few bucks for it to put into the Jeep.

CJ7 rebuild

Fun information:
-The CJ7 weighs 2,707 lbs
-Length: 148” Width:68.5” Height:67.7
-CJ7 is 10” longer than the CJ5, they did this for better driveline options
-82 is the first year with the wider axles.
-81 was the last year of the V8 option.
-CJ7 was the first Wranglers to have factory Hard Top and doors available from factory.
-76 CJ marked the first of the boxed framed Wrangler.
-CJ7 had a Laredo and Jamboree package available.
-All CJ7's use a Dana 30 front axle.
-Most CJ7's have the AMC 20 rear axle, but some have the Dana 44

Helpful Jeep Vin decoder for 1981-1986 CJ's
1 , Country: = USA
2, Make: = Jeep
3, Type: = C = MPV E = Export LHD F = Export RHD
4, Engine: = B = 151ci; L = 232ci; C = 258ci; H = 304ci F = Diesel
5, Transmission: = B = Auto, Floor; A = Auto, Column; M = 4 speed; N = 5 speed
6&7, Model: = 85 = CJ-5; 86 = CJ-6; 87 = CJ-7
8, GVW: = A = 3,750 lbs; E = 4,150 lbs
9, Check number #
10, Year: = B = 1981; C = 1982; D = 1983; E = 1984; F = 1985; G = 1986
11, Plant: = T = Toledo
12-17, Unique Serial number

Links to products I used in my rebuild project CJ7.  

For the best prices on Jeep CJ7 parts, click the links below!

YI wifi DashCam

Rear quarter and corner guard

Windshield frame with windshield and seal

Windshield cowl seal 

 Windshield frame torx bolts 

LT33X12.50R15 ROAD WARRIOR MT RADIAL 108 Q Mud Terrain

Omix-ADA 17401.21 Black Aluminum Valve Cover Kit 4.2L for 81-86 

Omix-Ada 19105.05 Wiper Linkage Kit


 Rugged Ridge 11601.01 Factory Style Fender Flare Set

 YI wifi DashCam