CCL celebrates the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and continues to press for a Carbon Fee and Dividend policy.  Note that the 2022 IPCC Report has several positive things to say about carbon pricing.  Look here.

In 2022, CCL broadened its focus to include four important topics.  In addition to promoting a price on carbon, CCL now actively supports healthy forests, building electrification and efficiency, and clean energy permitting reform.

The Monadnock Chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby is located in the southwest corner of the state of New Hampshire.  It was established in April of 2015 by a few people who gathered in Peterborough. There are now more than four hundred members.  Its purpose is to support the effort of the national Citizens' Climate Lobby organization to develop the political will in the United States Congress to pass carbon fee and dividend legislation.  For more information, please check out the Citizens' Climate Lobby website.

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