Letter by letter, punching fast and punching slow, we initiate some of the most significant constructions and deconstructions of our lives. Lovingly, playfully, coolly, hatefully, we weave nets for falling into; webs that thrum with a charge long after the charge leaves our lives.

Extracts from sets of emails, chronicling the modification of things beautiful...

Fastenings No. 1: Psychotic and Not-So-Lovely (2010)

Fastenings No. 1: In Memoriam (2010)

Fastenings No. 2: if its your birthday, why do I feel so special (2010)

Fastenings No. 3: Long Time (2012)

Fastenings No. 3: RE: Long Time (2012)

Fastenings No. 4: Untitled (a) (2013)

Fastenings No. 4: Untitled (b) (2013)