We have booked a block of rooms at Hotel Sunroute Nara (choose Kinki -> Nara on the web site), which is a western-style hotel within a walking distance to the MOL 12 venue.  These rooms are available to MOL 12 registered participants on a first-come first-served basis.  If you would like to stay at this hotel, please check the appropriate boxes on the registration form. We only take reservation requests until the early bird registration deadline, July 8.

Below we list a number of hotels we are aware of from which the conference venue can be reached relatively easily.  The locations of the hotels as well as the conference venue are marked in the following map.  The quality of these hotels varies greatly.  We encourage you to take a look at the web sites of the hotels for more information.

Since Nara is a popular tourist destination, some of these hotels may get booked up rather quickly. We advise you to reserve your hotel room early.

The information on this page may not be fully up to date.  Please check with the individual hotels when you make your reservation.


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Hotel information

(W) Western style 
(J) Japanese style: tatami floor and futon 
(PJ) Pure Japanese style: (J) + (Wooden house, Japanese style public bath, Japanese garden)
(D) Dormitory (Hostel)
* Recommended by MOL 12 organizer
† Within or in the vicinity of Naramachi district

All prices are for single rooms.

Near Kintetsu Nara Station

Western style

Hotel Sunroute Nara*† (Choose Kinki -> Nara)
1.0km to conference site
  • MOL 12 discount rate: (W) 7,350 JPY/night (including breakfast)
  • standard rate: (W) 9,240 JPY/night (including breakfast)
Reservation on the registration form.  Standard rate may apply to some nights.

Hotel Fujita Nara*

  • (W) 7,800-10,000 JPY/night (including breakfast)

Sarusawa So
0.9km to conference site
  • (J) 7,600- JPY/night (including breakfast)
  • (W) 8,705 JPY/night (including breakfast)
No English web page; contact MOL 12 organizer for reservation.

Japanese style

Nara International Seminar House*
0.7km to conference site
(This is the venue of MCFG+2.)
  • (J/W) 6,160- JPY/night (incl. breakfast)
    (3 pure Japanese rooms, 4 Western rooms)
Reservation: contact MOL12 organizer

Guesthouse Sakuraya*†
New. Good atmosphere (in Nara machi). Note that guest rooms are not strictly separated from one another.
Option: Experience of Japanese culture such as Kimono, Sado (tea ceremony), Igo (board game), Shodo (calligraphy)
1.4km to Conference site
  • (PJ) 6,000 - JPY/night (including breakfast)

Sei Kan So

  • (PJ) 4,450-4,700 JPY/night (including breakfast)
Reservation: contact MOL12 organizer

Machiya Guest House Naramachi
1.8km to Conference site
  • (D) 2,500- JPY/night (w/o breakfast, dorm style)

Nara Hotel
1.1km to conference site
Luxury hotel. Pure Japanese style (Ryokan)
  • (PJ) 10,000 - 20,000 JPY/night (w/o breakfast)
  • (PJ) 14,500 - 25,000 JPY/night (incl. breakfast)

Near JR Nara Station

Western style

Super Hotel Lohas JR Nara Station* (English) (Japanese)
1.6km to Conference site
New, efficient and reasonable. Has a public hot-spring bath.
  • (W) 5,000-6,000 JPY/night

Nara Washington Hotel Plaza
1.3km to conference site
  • (W) 6,000-15,000JPY/night (including breakfast)

Hotel Nikko Nara (JAL Hotel Nara)*

  • (W) about 15,000 JPY/night
  • discount rate (7,000JPY/night) may be available.
Contact MOL12 organizer for discount rate.

Guest house

Yuzan Guest House

  • (D) 2,500- JPY/night (w/o breakfast, dorm style)

Near Kintetsu Shin-Omiya Station

(Many cheap and comfortable pub & restaurants around the station.)  To get to the conference site, take a train (to Kintetsu Nara) at Shin-Omiya Station. The next station is Kintetsu Nara (five minutes, fare: 150 JPY).

Western style

Super Hotel Nara Sinomiya Ekimae*

  • (W) 5,000- JPY/night (including breakfast)

Hotel Halftime

  • (W) 5,500- JPY/night