Accepted papers

Shunsuke Yatabe. A co-inductive language and truth degrees
Zengchang Qin, Qi Zhao and Tao Wan. What is the Basic Semantic Unit of Chinese Language? A Computational Approach Based on Topic Models
Gregory Kobele and Jens Michaelis. Disentangling Notions of Specifier Impenetrability
Alexander Clark. A language theoretic approach to syntactic structure
Per Anker Jensen and Carl Vikner. On Type Coercion in Compositional and Lexical Semantics
Christian Wurm. Regular automata: Properties of a class of finitely induced infinite machines
Yoad Winter and Joost Zwarts. Event Semantics and Abstract Categorial Grammar
Pierre Bourreau and Sylvain Salvati. A Datalog parser for almost-affine lambda-CFGs
Nina Gierasimczuk and Jakub Szymanik. Invariance Properties of Quantifiers in Epistemic Paradoxes
Timothy Fowler. The Generative Power of Probabilistic and Weighted Context-Free Grammars
Tim Hunter. Insertion Minimalist Grammars: Eliminating redundancies between merge and move
Matthew Skala and Gerald Penn. Approximate Bit Vectors for Fast Unification
Valentin I. Spitkovsky, Hiyan Alshawi and Daniel Jurafsky. Lateen EM: Unsupervised Training with Multiple Objectives, Applied to Dependency Grammar Induction (***withdrawn***)