127 shaders in 18 downloads.This shader list was last updated on 4th April 2020. (added Ovine Lens Direct3D 11 port)(list does not have all shaders yet)Please note, no HWA effects can be used with any exporters, bar Windows.In Flash, you can use the FlashFx object instead.In other exporters including Android, a few old effects are available.Extract these zips to your MMF2\Effects or CTF2.5\Effects folder.Useful linksMMF2 Stuff Extension listThe hosters of MMF2 Stuff - Darkwire SoftwareClickteam Discord official chatClickteam's Released Shaders forumClickteam's Shader Development forumMMF1.5 DLL (CNCS232.DLL)How to make a shaderHow to convert a shader to Direct3D 11(a display mode available in CF2.5+ DLC) Shader list (Use Ctrl+F to search)