127 shaders in 18 downloads.
This shader list was last updated on 21st February 2020. (fixed Photoshop Blend link)
(list does not have all shaders yet)
Please note, no HWA effects can be used with any exporters, bar Windows.
In Flash, you can use the FlashFx object instead.
In other exporters including Android, a few old effects are available.
Extract these zips to your MMF2\Effects or CTF2.5\Effects folder.

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Shader list (Use Ctrl+F to search)
Shader name: Author: Comments: Download link:
3D ShaderWerbadA perspective shader for use in 3D applications. HERE
Anaglyph Shader Pharanygitis Allows you to create a 3D effect for use with red/blue 3D glasses. Beta. HERE
Color Replacer (Colour Replacer)Looki @ site
Lets you specify up to 9 replacements for given colors in the image: red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, teal, purple, olive. Useful for palettes of sorts.
Drop Shadow Looki @ site Creates a customised drop shadow. More information available here. HERE
Complex Shaders Pack v2 Complex Softwares @ site Includes the 53 FX files that begin with "CS_". HERE
Inner + Outer Glow (Dual Glow) Looki @ site Allows you to create an inner and outer glow for an object. You can set the glow color, smoothness and radius. Can have problems with alpha channels. HERE
Greyscale Fade Fades from color into greyscale. Request thread and more details here.HERE
Invert Blend Looki @ site Fades the image to its opposite (inverted) by comparing the color of the foreground and background. HERE
Keep Color (Keep Colour) Looki @ site Replaces all pixels that aren't a certain colour to another colour. HERE
Lens shader Looki @ site Creates a lens effect. Uses a different algorithm to the Lens object. Included in Ovine Lens download. HERE
Looki Full PackLooki @ siteIncludes Shader Pack 2.0 plus:
BgBloom, BgBlur, BGInvert, Bloom, BrightenByBG, BrightnessSaturation, ChannelOffset, CircularMask, ColorBurn, ColorDodge, Colorizer, ColorMixer, ColorReplacer, CRT, Darken, Difference, DropShadow, DualGlow, Exclusion, Gamma, HardLight, HardMix, InnerGlow, InvertBlend, KeepColor, Lens, Lighten, LinearBurn, LinearDodge, LinearLight, MotionBlur, Multiply, Offset, Overlay, PaletteMap, Pattern Overlay, PinLight, PixelOutline, RadialBlur, RotateDodge, Screen, SelectiveBgBlur, SoftLight, SonicFade, SubPx, TintedLens, VividLight FXs.
Looki's Shader Pack 2.0 Looki @ site Contains ChannelBlur, ChannelDepth, ChannelInvert, ChannelShift, Depth,  DirBlur x1, DirBlur x2, DirBlur x3, Display, Gradient, GrainPS2, Hole, InOut, Mirror, Mosaic, Perspective, RotateSub, Shade, SimpleMask, Sphere FXs. HERE
Monochrome with color (Monochrome with colour) Neomonkey Converts to monochrome and retains a colour. Can be easily modified to retain multiple colours. HERE
Ovine Lens Shader AndyH @ site Another Lens shader. Looki's Lens shader is also included in the download. More information available here. HERE
Photoshop Blend Modes Looki @ site Includes all Photoshop Blender effects, excluding Dissolve, Darker Color, Lighter Color, Hue, Saturation, Color, and Luminosity. Descriptions available here. HERE
Reflection (Background) Shader Pixelthief Reflects the background. More information available here. HERE
Squeeze and Rotation Shaders Pixelthief Three shaders released at once: PT_Rotate, Squeeze, and Squeeze Filter. More information available here. HERE, HERE, and HERE
Vector Upscaler Nobuyuki Allows you to make an object bigger and retain its smooth edges. More information available here. HERE