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366 objects. Latest: Message Box and Asker (update).
HWA version of MMF2: download here (all versions).
This extension list was last updated on 20th May.
This extension list includes 16 Flash only extensions.
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Object name: MFX name: Author: Comments: Download link:
.net Script dotNetScript.mfx Greyhill @ site Slow creation in editor. Also installs ScintillaNet.dll in MMF2 folder. HERE
360° Movement object 360Movement.mfx Min @ site Allows 360° movement in active objects, including acceleration, deacceleration and speed. HERE
3D Actives 3DActives.mfx LIJI @ site HERE
3D Mesh 3dmesh.mfx Erik Gustafsson Slow-fps 3D mesh loader. HERE
AVI kcvfw.mfx Clickteam @ site Supports: *.avi. Recommended that you use a Direct Show or Animation object instead. HERE
AVIs object fvAVIs.mfx Flavien Clermont @ site Converts a set images and a soundtrack to an avi file. HERE
Active active (Built-in) Clickteam @ site Basic active object. Check out the Clickteam Movement object. HERE
Active Direct Show adshow.mfx (HWA only) Clickteam @ site Creates a windowless version of the Direct Show object. HWA only. HERE (link to HWA)
Active Overlay ActiveOverlay.mfx Andos @ site For use with Overlay Redux. Check out the more advanced Surface object. HERE
Active Picture kcpica.mfx Clickteam @ site Active version of the Picture object. HERE
Active Shape activeshape.mfx Retriever2 An active version of the Quick Backdrop Object with polygon support. HERE
Active System Box KcBoxA.mfx Clickteam @ site Check out Background System Box. HERE
ActiveX KcActiveX.mfx Clickteam @ site Thousands of sub-objects. A useful webcam-viewer is Camtroller : Installer avaliable here. Camtroller was not specifically made for MMF2. HERE
Advanced Comment Object AdvComment.mfx Jaffob Allows you to add text comments in actions and conditions. For a less advanced object, see Commentor. HERE
Advanced Direction Object AdvDir.mfx Olle Fredriksson HERE
Advanced Game Board AdvGameBoard.mfx Andos @ site HERE
Advanced Int64 Object AdvInt64.mfx LB @ site An advanced version of the Int64 object. Stores multiple unsigned and signed Int64 values seperately. HERE
Advanced Line object AdvLine.mfx Ross P @ site Allows you to draw an coloured or textured line as an active/background object. HERE
Advanced Math object kcamath.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte & Rodrigo Braz Monteiro @ site Some features don't work; MMF2 has some expressions that have the same names as the object's feature(s). HERE
Advanced Path Finding APF.mfx Greyhill @ site Requires .NET  2.0 Framework. HERE
Advanced Path Movement AdvPathMov.mfx Alien @ site HERE
Advanced Race Car Object 2 ARCO2.mfx LIJI @ site HERE
Advanced Tray Object AdvTray.mfx Jaffob  Set to display icon and then load icon image. "Default Application" icon is the red electric one in MFAs and the real one in EXEs. HERE
AESFusion AESFusion.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Provides 128 bit AES encryption. Works with Java and Flash. HERE
Aging pair map AgingPairMap.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site HERE
Alpha Channel object AlphaChannel.mfx ChrisB @ site HERE
Analog Joystick kcjoy.mfx Clickteam @ site  HERE
Animated Picture animPicture.mfx Daniel & Jonas Rehn @ site HERE
Animation kcanim.mfx Clickteam @ site Supports: *.gif *.avi *.fli. HERE
Animation Info Object AnimInfo.mfx Jaffob This extension enables you to retrieve information about an Active Object's animation. It includes expressions unavailable through the Active Object itself, such as animation speed, looping repeat count, total number of frames, and more. HERE
Application Direction Object appdir.mfx LIJI @ site & Villy @ site HERE
Application Priority object AppPriority.mfx Xinok @ site HERE
Archive Object Archive.mfx StephenL @ site Supports: *.zip. Replacement for the Zip object. Comes with some examples on how to access files from an archive, and how to create your own archive with multiple files. HERE
Array kcArray.mfx Clickteam @ site HERE
Array 3D object array3d.mfx Xinok @ site HERE
Array X ArrayX.mfx G2F2 Media & Investment @ site HERE
ASCII ascii.mfx ouly @ site Does a conversion between unsigned int and ASCII character. HERE
AssArray Object (Associative Array Object) AssArray.mfx Matt Galanto @ site Commercial License Price: Free (?). HERE
BASIC object kcBasic.mfx G2F2 Media & Investment @ site HERE
Backdrop bkd (Built-in) Clickteam @ site HERE
Background Gradient object GradientB.mfx Alien @ site If you're not changing it at runtime, setup a gradient, then right-click the object, and select menu option Create > Backdrop object. HERE
Background Images BackImages.mfx Greyhill @ site HERE
Background System Box KcBoxB.mfx Clickteam @ site Check out Active System Box. HERE
Base64 object base64.mfx Villy @ site HERE
Bezier Curve (Bezier Object) Bezier.mfx kornelijepetak Check out Move by Beziér. HERE
Binary Quickload binqload.mfx Xinok @ site For use with the Binary object. Make sure you Resize the binary in the BInary object, to the size in the expression of Quickload, before you do the Load file action. HERE
Binary array BinaryArray.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site HERE
Binary object Binary.mfx 3EE HERE
Binary tree BinTree.mfx Greyhill @ site Can store integers, floats and strings in a binary tree. Allows for fast retreival. HERE
Bit Mask Object BitMask.mfx Jack Webster @ site In other installers, the Runtime MFX is not installed. Copy the Extension MFX to Runtime folder. HERE
Bitwise Helper object bitwisehelper.mfx Xinok @ site HERE
Blink Object blinkobj.mfx Villy @ site One action: Causes the window to flash in the taskbar. Window Control also has this feature.
Blowfish Object Blowfish.mfx Matt Galanto @ site Commercial License Price: Free (?). Somewhat dodgy.
Boolean Object Boolean.mfx Matt Galanto @ site Commercial License Price: $10 (?). HERE
Bouton CS (Button CS) fcButton.mfx Flavien Clermont (Sphax) @ site "Bouton" is French for "Button". Allows you to create checkboxes, radio buttons, image, text, image & text buttons. Has some differences to the Button object. HERE
Button KcButton.mfx Clickteam @ site Allows you to create checkboxes, radio buttons, image, text, image & text buttons. Check out the Bouton CS object. HERE
ByteArray ByteArray.mfx LIJI @ site Creates a 1D/2D/3D unsigned byte array. Can save to and load from files. HERE
CD-Audio kccda.mfx Clickteam @ site Loading the driver at the start may cause the CD drive to not read the disk, or not eject when ordered by any other program except the program running with this extension. HERE
CRC32 object CRC32.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site CRC32 stands for cyclic redundancy check. Can do numerical and text CRC32s. HERE
Calculate Text Rect object (Calculate Text Rectangle object) CalcRect.mfx ChrisB @ site Given the font details, will calculate width/height of text. HERE
Calendar Object Calender.mfx Clickteam @ site Displays a calender control with lots of adjustable settings. HERE
Chess Object MMKChess.mfx Mokhtar @ site Allows you to access an open-source Chess AI engine with MMF2. Purchase the Feburary 2010 Klikdisc to obtain it. Not avaliable. Visit the purchase site here.
Click Blocker KcClkBlk.mfx Clickteam @ site Blocks left, middle or right mouse clicks. HERE
Clickteam Movement Controller clickteam-movement-controller.mfx Andrew for Clickteam @ site All additional movements are included in MMF2 builds. Movements are .mvx files. HERE
Clipboard object kcclip.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site MMF2 has a Clipboard object built-in to the Special object. Therefore, this is an alternative. HERE
Colour Converter (Color Converter) ColourConv.mfx  ChrisB @ site Converts colours: RGB, CYMK, and HSL (240 and 255). HERE
Color Dialog (Colour Dialog) ColorDialog.mfx Matt Galanto @ site Commercial License Price: $5 (?). This type of dialog is used in old-style programs/OSes. Has expressions for converting between RGB, Reference, Color Names and Hex String. HERE
Color Selector (Colour Selector) ColorSelector.mfx xtraverse @ site This is actually a button; you don't have to make one yourself. HERE
Colorizer (Colourizer) Colorizer.mfx LIJI @ site Create simple and advanced effects in a few minutes. Day/Night/Weather effects? HERE
Combo Box kccombo.mfx Clickteam @ site HERE
Commentor commentor.mfx Villy Allows you to add text comments in actions and conditions. For a more advanced object, see Advanced Comment Object. HERE
Common Dialog object comdlg.mfx 3EE The Save dialog in here is a Save As. HERE
Condition ID restriction ConditionID.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Restrictions conditions so only one of them will run. HERE
Console object Console.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site The output text is limited to about 8 lines, same as the Pipe object. HERE
Contrast contrast.mfx Aleks Wilk When the program closes, the contrast is reset. HERE
Control X ctrlx.mfx z33z Disabling Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Alt+F4  does not work. Btw, Ctrl+Shift+Esc also opens Task Manager. See YASO for more efficent Task Manager blocking. Version 3.2. HERE
Control X 95 ctrlx95.mfx z33z Disabling Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Alt+F4 sometimes does not work. More recent version is Control X. However, this may work better with some PCs. This is version 3.0 a.k.a. 95 edition. HERE
Counter counter (Built-in) Clickteam @ site Can display as images or in text. HERE
Crasher Crasher.mfx LIJI @ site The program crashes, it doesn't hang or affect the system. HERE
Cursor KcCursor.mfx Clickteam @ site By 'standard' it means any format that the mouse uses in Windows programs. HERE
Custom Object Custom.mfx Matt Galanto @ site Commercial License Price: $10 (?). HERE
Cypher Object cypher.mfx Xinok @ site It has a very useful key genterator in the setup. HERE
DLL Object DLLObject.mfx Daniel Rehn for Clickteam @ site Refers to a Dynamic Link Library (*dll) files. HERE
Data Store 2 object kcstore.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site This can store values, strings and flag settings (on/off). HERE
Date & Time kcclock.mfx Clickteam @ site Can display fixed (set at runtime), system long (17 August 1995) or system short (17/08/95). Clocks can be analog (circular), digital or invisible; and in 12 hours, or 24 hours format. HERE
DefMenuOps (Default Menu Options) DefMenuOps.mfx Matt Galanto @ site Commercial License Price: FREE (?). Best used for apps that have an About box but no restart or etc. Online help files here. HERE
Dictionary Object diction.mfx 3EE  Very fast search engine. HERE
Direct Show DirectShow.mfx Clickteam @ site Supports: Basically whatever Windows Media Player supports (which is a lot). HERE
Direction Calculator kcdirect.mfx Phillip Williams Can do direction conversions and apply movements to objects. HERE
Directory packer DirectoryPacker.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site This converts a folder into a file with NO compression. If the folder was 1mb the file would be 1mb. The creation process can not be stopped without quitting, nor paused. Stresser has been made here. HERE
Display and Sound object DSRobj.mfx Jax Retrieves the screen colour depth and x/y size, and gets if a sound card exists. HERE
Download object Download.mfx François Lionet for Clickteam @ site Downloads from 4 slots. Downloading from slot 0- or 5+ makes the app crash. To download more than 4 files, you'll have to use a 2nd object. HERE
Drag object Drag.mfx Jaffob Very powerful - but make sure your events are right or it could crash. HERE
Draw object kcdraw.mfx Clickteam @ site Effectively Microsoft Paint. Not as good though. HERE
DS Beep
StephenL @ site Allows users running Windows Vista, 7 and 64-bit systems to use a beep through DirectShow. HERE
Dungeon Generator dungeon.mfx Looki @ site Simple dungeon generator object. Can generate mazes and dungeons. HERE
Dynamic Array darray.mfx 3EE This can store values, strings and files. Can insert and append in several ways. Save and load in 4 formats (CSV array, MMF1.5 or MMF2 array [*.arr], or *.*) . HERE
Dynamic Grid dynamicgrid.mfx Retriever2 Displays a grid on the frame with dynamic cell size. HERE
Easing object Easing.mfx Andos @ site Helps you to smoothly move objects from one position to another using mathmatical formulas. Supports several methods. Beta. HERE
Easy Detector edetect.mfx LIJI @ site An alternative to MMF2's built-in On Collision and Overlapping conditions. HERE
Easy Grid object EasyGrid.mfx Tigerworks Check out the Wargame Map object. HERE
EasyScrollbar EasyScrollbar.mfx Donald May for Clickteam @ site Most objects come with scrollbars built-in. For high resolution programs, you can try this anyway. HERE
EasyXML object EasyXML.mfx Donald May for Clickteam @ site Uses TinyXML. HERE
Editbox kcedit.mfx Clickteam @ site Check out Editbox: Selection to add more potential events. Scrollbar doesn't work with Flash. HERE
Editbox: Selection EditBoxSel.mfx Looki @ site For use with Editbox. HERE
Encryption object Encryption.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site This encryption works fine. Key is set at runtime only. HERE
Events events.mfx ouly @ site This extension is aimed to simplify handling of events (error, warning, notice, debug and failure) occuring during execution of MMF2 applications. Creates 'md' folder in Data\Runtime and Extensions. HERE
Exif Reader object fcExif.mfx Flavien Clermont @ site Stresser has been made here. HERE
ExpEval Object ExpEval.mfx Matt Galanto @ site Commercial License Price: $10 (?). Effectively MMF2 Expression evaluator and can handle strings. String indicator character changable. ALPHA. Online help files here. HERE
Extension Info Object extensionobject.mfx Jax Allows you to retrieve information about an extension from mfx path via expression. HERE
Fast Function object kcffunct.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site Allows you to run a condition from an action or expression. HERE
Fast Loop object kcfloop.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site Supports 30 loops, 0-based. Can check if the loop is infinite, change loop position, etc. HERE
File kcfile.mfx Clickteam @ site For more advanced open/save file commands, see Powerful Dialogs Object. Note the PDO can't get all the names if there is a multi-selection. Check out the File-Folder object. HERE
FileExists fileExists.mfx byo Checks if a filename exists in two paths and returns that path. HERE
FileTime object filetime.mfx Xinok @ site Some times are reset when the times are changed. Stresser has been made here. HERE
File-Folder object fcFolder.mfx Flavien Clermont @ site Has some neat browsing loops. Check out the File object. HERE
FixedValueList object fixedvaluelist.mfx Darkwire Software @ site Iterates all the objects in the application. For a count of all the objects, use Total Objects from the built-in Create Object. HERE
Flag object flag.mfx z33z In addition to regular on/off flags, you can AND and OR flags together and set/toggle flags in a time interval. Includes total flags on expression. HERE
Flame Object Flame.mfx Alien @ site HERE
Flash Button FlashButton.mfx StephenL @ site Allows you to create a highly customised button. Flash only. HERE
Flash Draw FlashDraw.mfx StephenL @ site Creates a draw object accessible in Flash. Flash only. Modifies MMF2\Data\Runtime\Flash\Flex\frameworks\flex-config.xml. (Backup first!) HERE
Flash External Files FlashExternalFiles.mfx StephenL @ site Allows you to view *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png, *.gif, and *.swf from a URL. Flash only. HERE
Flash Haxx FlashHaxx.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Can dynamically do almost anything in the runtime. You need some knowledge of the flash SDK to use it. Flash only. HERE
Flash Menu FlashMenu.mfx StephenL @ site Allows you to modify the right-click menu in Flash. Flash only. HERE
Flash MP3 FlashMP3.mfx StephenL @ site Plays a MP3 file from an URL. Updated 21/01/11. Flash only. HERE
Flash® Player (Flash Player) Flash.mfx Clickteam @ site Provides several useful events for SWF applications. Flash only. HERE (flash build)
Flash Text Files FlashTextFiles.mfx StephenL @ site Allows you to save text files to and load text files from the user's hard drive. Flash only. HERE
FlashFx FlashFx.mfx Looki @ site Allows you to do these things in the Flash runtime. Flash only. HERE
FLV FlashVideo.mfx François Lionet for Clickteam @ site Allows you to play a FLV file from the internet. Flash only. HERE (flash build)
FMod object fmod.mfx Xinok @ site Modulus is getting the remainder after a division. (30 divided by 5 is 0 as it = 6.0) HERE
Font Embed Object fontembed.mfx Dines Allows you to use a font in an application without installing it on the user's system. HERE
ForEach object ForEach.mfx Greyhill Iterates through and helps manage multiple-instance objects. Updated 11/02/11. HERE
Formatted Text rtf (Built-in) Clickteam @ site For a more advanced version, see Rich Edit Object. HERE
Formatted object fcFormatted.mfx Flavien Clermont @ site Convert numbers and letters in several ways. HERE
Formatted time string fts.mfx Villy @ site HERE
Ftp Kcftp.mfx Clickteam @ site Access the Internet through FTP protocols. Default port 21. HERE
Function Loop funcloop.mfx Clickteam @ site See Fast Loop and Fast Function for each partition on its own. HERE
Function Eggtimer FunctionEggtimer.mfx Andos @ site Delay functions a lot more accurately. HERE
Get Line GetLine.mfx Andre Guerreiro 1-based. HERE
Get Movement GETMOV.mfx LIJI @ site All movement events (e.g. Start) should be BEFORE the Do Calculations event. HERE
Get object  Get.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Retrieves content of HTTP pages and scripts. HERE
Global Function Object globalfunction.mfx Daniel Burke for Clickteam @ site Allows two frames/tow apps to communicate. Parameters are 1-based. HERE
Global Store X gstorex.mfx z33z Stores integers, strings, bools, and shorts globally. Can be set to 0-based or 1-based. To see a non-global version, see Store X. HERE
Global Value Object GlobalValueObject.mfx Eliyahu @ site  In built applications on some computers, this object may not work properly. HERE
Gradient Calculator GradCalc.mfx GetHyper @ site Handles the maths used to display a gradient at runtime. HERE
Hi-Score kchisc.mfx Clickteam @ site Saving the object highly recommended.  HERE
ID3 Object ID3.mfx Cocodrilo @ site Can get 18 things about an MP3 file. Also creates id3lib.dll. HERE
IconList Object iconlist.mfx Herb @ site In case this object doesn't work out, try the Tree object. HERE
IconView object IconView.mfx Tigerworks Effectively Windows Explorer without the window and other schizzle. HERE
IfElse Nest object (If Else Nest object) ifelse.mfx Xinok @ site Supports 'Else If' and 'Nested If' to an unlimited depth. HERE
Image Manipulator imageconv.mfx Herb @ site Has a few Adobe Photoshop abilities (blur, sharpen, etc) HERE
Immediate If Object IIF.mfx Cragmyre and Matt Galanto for Clickteam @ site  Allows you to return one out of two variables in an expression, based on another expression. HERE
InAndOut Movement Controller (In And Out Movement Controlller) InAndOutController.mfx François Lionet for Clickteam @ site Controller for the In and Out movement, a movement designed to make objects move it and out of frames in a smoother way. HERE (link to latest MMF2 beta)
Ini kcini.mfx Clickteam @ site Can store values and strings, and an object position. Check out Ini++. HERE
Ini++ INI++.mfx Jack Webster for Clickteam @ site Advanced version of Ini. Updated 17/11/11. HERE
Inline Loop Object InlineLoop.mfx LB @ site Allows you to do a loop without an action to start it (as in an Always event). Loops the condition when MMF2 reaches it. Source avaliable here. HERE
Input object kcinput.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site Dragging this object's actions into the Popup Message object 2 column (or vice versa) creates an MMF2-close bug. The application pauses all actions until the box is closed. HERE
Instance Communicator Instance Communicator.mfx ChrisB @ site  Recommended to stop people who are impatient from opening too many instances at the same time. HERE
Int64 object Int64.mfx Tigerworks Handles 64-bit integers e.g. between -9223372036854775808 and 9223372036854 775808. HERE
Interface Bar Object ibar.mfx Daniel and Jonas Rehn @ site Basically shows a graphical progress bar instead of a normal one. See the Progress Bar object for a normal one. HERE
Integer split IntegerSplit.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site You can turn two shorts into an integer (with MAKELONG) and then get them both back (first LOWORD; second HIWORD). HERE
Internal List Object InternalList.mfx LB @ site Allows you to access a list that isn't drawn on the screen and works faster in memory than the standard List object. Beta. HERE
Isometric Grid object IsoGrd2.mfx Tigerworks Allows you to make your app an Age Of Empires 1 type of 3D. HERE
Joypad object joystick.mfx z33z Get state of up to 32 buttons, 6 axes, and point-of-view hat for up to 2 joysticks. HERE
Joystick 2 object Joystick2.mfx z33z Get state of up to 128 buttons, 6 axes, and point-of-view hat for up to 16 joysticks. HERE
Key Object Key.mfx LIJI @ site Can get if a key is down, up or pressed out of 226 keys (keyboard and mouse), even if the window isn't active.  HERE
Keyboard object Keyboard.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Receives input as value or string. Works as the Key object, but does not receive input if the window doesn't have focus. Includes Any button pressed events. Refer to the Key object for the button numbers. HERE
KBD (KeyState object) KBD.mfx Algul Simple extension that returns a set value if a key is down, or another value if it is not, in an expression. Refer to the Key object for the button numbers. HERE
Kiosk Helper kiosk.mfx Byo Stuff that would help you in a kiosk or presentation. HERE
Lacewing Lacewing.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site A chatroom tutorial (PDF) has been made here. A stresser has been made here. For more information and downloads, see here Download includes Lacewing Server and Lacewing Webserver. HERE
Lacewing Server LacewingServer.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Lacewing server for use with the client object Lacewing. Download includes client and webserver. HERE
Lacewing Webserver LacewingWebserver.mfx Lacewing HTTP server for use with internet browsers. Download includes Lacewing client and server.  
Layer object Layer.mfx Cragmyre for Clickteam @ site Changes order of objects. Can also show, hide, and move layers. HERE
Lens Lens.mfx Andos @ site Makes distortions as though looking through glass. HERE
Level-Save Object LevelSave.mfx Jaffob Saves objects, levels and properties. No specific file extension - *.lvl suggested. HERE
Line surface LineSurface.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Makes lines useing 6 parameters: Start X and Y, End X and Y, thicknesss and colour. HERE
List kclist.nfx Clickteam @ site Check out Combo Box. HERE
List & Set II Object ListSetII.mfx Jax Allows you define invisible lists and refer to them. For mathemetical purposes. HERE
Live account object LiveAccount.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site This uses the Windows API to get the information, same as MSN Messenger. If you don't have the option to Remember My Password enabled, the object will not receive the password. HERE
Live Receiver LiveReceiver.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Provided for compatability reasons. Replaced with the more reliable and efficient Get object. HERE
Lives lives (Built-in) Clickteam @ site Can be image, text or numbers. HERE
Lua object LuaMMF2.mfx Donald May  Two versions by different people: Lua object, and XLua. HERE
MagicDeque MagicDeque.mfx ChrisB @ site Stores strings and values, in multiple sub-arrays. Can save to CSV or any file format, with or without encryption. HERE
MCI kcmci.mfx Clickteam @ site List of MCI strings avaliable here. HERE
MMF2 Params object fcMMF2params.mfx Flavien Clermont @ site Allows you to get and set some hidden parameters of MMF2. HERE
MPEG kcmpeg.mfx Clickteam @ site Supports: *.mpeg. Reccommended that you use the Direct Show object instead. HERE
Memory object Memory.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site For a program that does this, download Cheat Engine. Updated 05/04/10. HERE
Message Box and Asker KcDialog.mfx G2F2 Media & Investment @ site Title limit is 128 characters, message 254 characters. Can also create a custom Pause window. Updated 22/04/11. HERE
MessageBox object fcMsgBox.mfx Flavien Clermont @ site As advanced with options as Powerful Dialogs object, but PDO has more types.
HERE (pending)
Miniature audiere MinatureAudiere.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site You must copy auidere.dll from Data\Runtime\ to C:\Windows\System32\ for this object to be creatable. HERE
Minimap Object minimap.mfx Daniel Rehn @ site Beta, comes up with popup at start of frame saying so. HERE
Minimap Object 2 minimap2.mfx Jonas and Daniel Rehn @ site Second version of the beta object Minimap object. HERE
Mixer kcmixer.mfx Clickteam @ site HERE
MLP Neural Network
Mokhtar M. Khorshid and z33z
Artificial intellgence MLP neural network. Object version 1.1. Check out the AI object (Static ANNs w/ Genetic Algorithm - DAIC). HERE
Mochi Analytics MochiAnalytics.mfx Clickteam @ site Allows you to use Mochi Analytics. Flash only. HERE (flash build)
Mochi Coins MochiCoins.mfx Clickteam @ site Allows you to use Mochi Coins. Flash only. HERE (flash build)
Mochi Connector MochiConnector.mfx Clickteam @ site Required for other Mochi extensions to work. Flash only. HERE (flash build)
Mochi Scores MochiScores.mfx Clickteam @ site Allows you to use Mochi Scores. Flash only. HERE (flash build)
Mochi Social MochiSocial.mfx Clickteam @ site Allows you to use Mochi Social, to save data to and read data from a Mochi account. Flash only. HERE (flash build)
ModFX 3: ModFusion eX ModFusion.mfx Syntesis Entertainment / Josh Whelchel @ site Plays very cool music when you create it. Click the right 'syntesis' to see a preview. HERE
Mode 7 ex mode7ex.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site HERE
MooClick mooclick.mfx 3EE Best used for chatrooms. To see another type of protocol, check out Lacewing. HERE
MooGame moogame.mfx 3EE Best used for games. To see another type of protocol, check out Lacewing.  HERE
MooSock moosock.mfx 3EE Best used for client and server programs. To see another type of protocol, check out Lacewing. HERE
Mouse object kcmouse.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site Can retrieve and set X and Y. Can also get the distance moved ('rolled'). HERE
Move Safely 2 Object MoveSafely2.mfx Alien for Clickteam @ site Allows actives to take steps between moving so they don't jump past collisions. HERE
Move by Bézier (Move by Bezier) MoveBezier.mfx Greyhill @ site Updated to version 1.1 with Java on 01/14/10. HERE
MoveIt MoveIt.mfx Andos @ site An alternative to Set X and Set Y. HERE
MT Random object MTRandom.mfx ChrisB @ site Optimised random generator - can genterate decimals. HERE
My New Extension Template.mfx N/A HERE
Newgrounds Object Newgrounds.mfx Clickteam @ site Lets you interact with the Newgrounds API. For full Flash plugin MMF2/TGF2s only. Flash only. Currently will not work in HWA nor in behaviour events. HERE
NRG753 Volume Information VOLINFO.mfx Jack Webster Use input of X:\ HERE
Named variable object nvar.mfx z33z Can store strings and values in one 'item'. Can save as XML, CSV, INI or  NVO (with or without encryption) . HERE
Network kcmslot.mfx Clickteam @ site Useless, does not work. HERE
Nifflas object Nifflas.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Pretty varied. HERE
Niffzip niffzip.mfx AquadaSoft @ site Has several errors and has been discontinued by the author. It is not avaliable for download, use the Zip object instead. Obsolete: Not avaliable for download.
Node Traversal Object NodeTraversal.mfx Joshtek @ site Could be used for HCF or LCM? MFX not in Extension folder. Copy from Data\Runtime, or download. >> HERE
Numeric Up-Down Control NumUpDown.mfx Greyhill @ site HERE
ODBC kcodbc.mfx Clickteam @ site HERE
Object Flagger ObjFlag.mfx Looki @ site Can set flags of active objects by value and get/set all flags at once using bitmasks. HERE
Object Mover ObjectMover.mfx François Lionet for Clickteam @ site Useful for 'sliding on ice' in platform games? HERE
Object Resizer ObjResize.mfx Jaffob Alternative to Scale, with dimensions instead of relative. HERE
Onu Audio Controller Onu.mfx Syntesis Entertainment / Josh Whelchel @ site Main controller for Onu. Download links to all the Onu extensions. HERE
Onu Engineer - Advanced Sound Engineer OnuEng_AdvSound.mfx Syntesis Entertainment / Josh Whelchel @ site Allows you to play cached wave files in Onu. See the bottom of the page for the Onu Pack download link. HERE
Onu Engineer - ModFusion OnuEng_Mod.mfx Syntesis Entertainment / Josh Whelchel @ site Allows you to play modules in Onu. Download links to all the Onu extensions. HERE
Onu Engineer - OGG OnuEng_Ogg.mfx Syntesis Entertainment / Josh Whelchel @ site Allows you to play OGG files in Onu. Download links to all the Onu extensions. HERE
Onu Engineer - Simple PCM Wave OnuEng_Wave.mfx Syntesis Entertainment / Josh Whelchel @ site Allows you to play PCM wave files. Download links to all the Onu extensions. HERE
Onu Visualizer - Oscilloscope  OnuViz_Osc.mfx Syntesis Entertainment / Josh Whelchel @ site Download links to all the Onu extensions. HERE
Onu Visualizer - Spectrum Analyzer OnuViz_FFT.mfx Syntesis Entertainment / Josh Whelchel @ site Download links to all the Onu extensions. HERE
Onu Visualizer - Volume OnuViz_Vol.mfx Syntesis Entertainment / Josh Whelchel @ site Download links to all the Onu extensions. HERE
OpenGL OpenGL.mfx Looki @ site Make 3D stuff in MMF2. Uses OpenGL renderer. Excluded from the OpenGL collection. Abandoned. HERE
OpenGL 3D Sprites OpenGL-3DSprites.mfx Min @ site Renders 3D sprites. Download links to the OpenGL collection. HERE
OpenGL Base OpenGL-Base.mfx Min @ site Base window for other OpenGL objects to draw to. Download links to the OpenGL collection. HERE
OpenGL Camera OpenGL-Camera.mfx Min @ site Easy to use perspective view camera. Download links to the OpenGL collection. HERE
OpenGL Clear Control OpenGL-ClearControl.mfx Min @ site Lets you clear the colour and depth buffers. Download links to the OpenGL collection. HERE
OpenGL Lightning OpenGL-LightningAdvanced.mfx Min @ site Lets you control the lightning in a OpenGL scene. Download links to the OpenGL collection. HERE
OpenGL MS3D OpenGL-MS3D.mfx Min @ site Load and render MilkShape 3D models. Download links to the OpenGL collection. HERE
OpenGL Texture Bank OpenGL-TextureBank.mfx Min @ site Holds a variable number of textures. Download links to the OpenGL collection. HERE
OpenGL Texture External OpenGL-TextureExternal.mfx Min @ site Load textures from external image files. Download links to the OpenGL collection. HERE
Open URLs Object OpenURLs.mfx Jaffob Use with Rich Edit object's action, "Any Link clicked". HERE
Overlay Redux Overlay.mfx Cragmyre for Clickteam @ site Check out Active Overlay, and the more advanced Surface object. HERE
PackX Object packx.mfx Jax Packs a number into a string and vice versa. Does not work on some computers. HERE
Parallaxer Parallaxer.mfx Andos @ site Creates mirror images. HERE
Particle Spray object ParticleSpray.mfx Mattis Lorentzon HERE
Particle effects ParticleEffect.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site HERE
Pathfinding object pathfind.mfx z33z BETA. HERE
Perspective Perspective.mfx Andos @ site Check out the Lens object. HERE
Phizix - Box2D B2D.mfx Daniel & Jonas Rehn @ site Allows for a Super Stacker 2 (see here) type of gameplay. Check out the Phizix - Chipmunk Engine object. HERE
Phizix - Chipmunk Engine ChipX.mfx Daniel & Jonas Rehn @ site Check out the Phizix - Box2D object. HERE
Picture kcpict.mfx Clickteam @ site Supports *.gif, *.jpg, *.pcx, *.png, *.tga, and *.bmp. HERE
Pipe object pipe.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site The output text is limited to about 8 lines, same as the Console object. HERE
Pitch Detection pitch.mfx Looki @ site Can get some variables from a chosen driver. Also installs fmodex.dll into Runtime folder and MMF2 folder. HERE
Pixel Object Pixel.mfx LIJI @ site Only compares the pixels on the frame. HERE
Platform Movement object Platform.mfx Clickteam @ site An alternative to MMF2's built-in platform movement. Gravity can be made negative, but only at runtime. HERE
Platform Swing object PlatSwing.mfx Donald May for Clickteam @ site HERE
Popup Menu PopupMenu.mfx Clickteam @ site Already-made items can be renamed. Just click them, and don't move the mouse for a few seconds. HERE
Popup Message Object 2 kcpop.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site Dragging this object's actions into the Input Box column (or vice versa) creates an MMF2-close bug. The application pauses all actions until the box is closed. HERE
Position Controller PosControl.mfx Jaffob Lots of positioning actions including some usually only seen in the Frame Editor. HERE
Power Registry PowerRegistry.mfx RED Allows you to retreive or write values to and from the registry. Can set/read string, binary and DWORD (number) variables, and create/delete keys. HERE
Power System Object PowerSystem.mfx Jaffob Lots of useful system-based features. Well worth a look. HERE
Powerful Dialogs Object DialogPower.mfx Jaffob Exceptionally advanced. To allow multi-file opening, use the File object.  HERE
Prime object prime.mfx Xinok @ site By the way, 1 is NOT prime. HERE
Print kcprint.mfx Clickteam @ site Prints a part of the screen. HERE
Progress Bar object ProgressBar.mfx ChrisB @ site For a more graphic-based progress bar, see Interface Bar. HERE
pxtone Player pxPlay.mfx Mr. Podunkian @ site Supports: *.pxtone. HERE
Python object Python.mfx DarkKliker (Mathias) Provides a python interpeter, useful for game scripting. HERE
Quadratic Roots Quadratic.mfx Kornelije Petak Quadratic is anything squared. HERE
Question & Answer q/a (Built-in) Clickteam @ site Only one question is asked, and the text is set it in the Frame Editor. HERE
Queue Object Queue.mfx Cocodrilo @ site Storage can be String or Value. HERE
Quick Backdrop qbkd (Built-in) Clickteam @ site For an active object version see Active Shape. HERE
Quick Token Object QuickToken.mfx Andrew @ site Delimiter set in expression. Contains a helpful " expression. For a more advanced version, see String Parser. HERE
QuickTime kcqtw3.mfx Clickteam @ site Supports: *.mov. Slow creation in editor. Can break MMF2 in startup, just rename the mfx to another extension. HERE
QuickTime 2 kcqtw.mfx Clickteam @ site Supports: *.mov. Recommended that you use the QuickTime object instead. Slow creation in editor. HERE
QuickTime VR 2 kcqtvr.mfx Clickteam @ site Supports: *.mov. Recommended that you use the QuickTime object instead. Slow creation in editor. HERE
Quiz object Quiz.mfx François Lionet for Clickteam @ site Can load quizzes at runtime from a file, or set one up in the Frame Editor. Can also send the end-quiz report by email. HERE
Random Multipool object MMKRandomMultiPool.mfx Mokhtar M. Khorhsid for Thunder Power workgroup @ site An updated version of Random Pool. HERE
Random Names Generator namegen.mfx Byo Generates male, female and last names, Japanese male, female and last names, Orc names, Elf male, female and last names, Greek mythology names, company names, and hero names. Stresser has been made here. HERE
Random Pool MMKRandomPool.mfx Mokhtar M. Khorhsid & Michael Saad for Thunder Power workgroup @ site Generates a random number from the set given, with used numbers not occuring again. See Multipool Random for an updated version. HERE
Randomizer object kcrandom.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site Basic random generator. HERE
Raycaster ratcast.mfx  DanielRehn @ site Uses an 3D engine similar to the one in the Windows screensaver 3D Maze. Not avaliable for download, buy the CT October 2009 Klikdisc to obtain. Not avaliable. Visit the purchase site here.
Registry2 Registry2.mfx Clickteam @ site Can read and edit registry DWORD and String values in any key. Has an annoying pick-root-key at event editor popup. HERE
Rich Edit Object kcriched.mfx Clickteam @ site Equivalent of Microsoft Wordpad. Saves Rich Text Documents (*.rtf) and Text Documents (*.txt). Destroying bullet points is a problem; adding a new line resets all formatting on that line. HERE
Save Game Object SaveGame.mfx Fodo Saves up to the co-ordinates, direction, speed, animation values, alterable values and flags of chosen objects. HERE
Service Manager srv.mfx RED Allows you to create, delete, run and stop services. ALPHA. HERE
Scintilla 2 (more recent) scintilla.mfx Looki @ site Allows you to use the Scintilla code editing/highlighting component. BETA. HERE
Scintilla Object SciNew.mfx Looki @ site Allows you to use the Scintilla code editing/highlighting component. For a newer version see Scintilla 2. HERE
Score score (Built-in) Clickteam @ site Displays as numbers or text. HERE
Screen Capture Capture.mfx Clickteam @ site Can capture screen, active window, frame, or region. Saves to clipboard or file (*.bmp). Also has an automatic capture feature. HERE
Screen draw object ScreenDraw.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Discontinued by creator. Draws pixels, rectangles, lines?, ellipses, and fills in and out the runtime window. Has 2 colours. Can save to a file. HERE
Screen pixel object ScreenPixel.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Retrives a pixel of any part of the screen and saves it in a format retreivable by using MMF2's GetRed, GetGreen and GetBlue expressions. HERE
Search kcsearch.mfx Clickteam @ site Search inside files for some text. Can search using indexes. HERE
Seconds to HMS SecToHMS.mfx Cocodrilo @ site Recommended for use with Download object. To convert back, use (((Hours*60)+Minutes*60)+Seconds). A stresser has been made here. HERE
Select Object Extension Select.mfx Gareth Ben Martin for Dynamic Arcade @ site Selects objects through Alterable Value Display Order and Number of Objects. v0.11 beta HERE
Serial Object Serial.mfx aw5 @ site Use Data is Waiting condition instead of Bytes > 0. HERE
Shadow Object shadow.mfx DanielRehn @ site Allows you to quickly create multiple shadow effects on your active objects. Not avaliable for download, buy the CT Klikdisc to obtain. Not avaliable. Visit the purchase site here.
Shared Data kcshare.mfx Clickteam @ site HERE
Shutdown Object shutdown.mfx Robbie Shields @ site Performs shutdown, restart and log off. Check out The Big Box object for a Hibernate/Standby action. HERE
Sleep object sleep.mfx Xinok @ site Lowers CPU usage by idling apps between cycles. "Made obsolete by MMF2". HERE
Sort X object sort.mfx z33z Sorts numbers in order of size. To see a text version, check out Stringsort X object. HERE
Sound Player SoundPlayer.mfx Looki @ site Plays a sample via an expression. HERE
SPC Player Object SPC.mfx Herb and _Splith_ @ site Supports: *.spc, SNES music. HERE
Speech Bubble speechbubble.mfx Alien for Clickteam @ site Advanced speech balloons. HERE
SQLDB sql.mfx Jim St. Jean @ site SQL database. Uses SQLite. Viewer avaliable here. HERE
SQLite 3 SQLite3.mfx ? byo SQLite database functionality. Also includes some SQLite API functionality 'and stuff'. HERE
SQL Server (1.7) sqlserver.mfx ? byo SQL Server 1.7. Includes version comparision text document. HERE
Static ANNs w/ Genetic Algorithm - DAIC (AI Object) static-genetic-diac.mfx CodeCannon @ site Also known as the AI object: this object allows you to use a number-based AI in MMF2. Check out the MLP Neural Network object. HERE
Static Text StaticText.mfx François Lionet for Clickteam @ site Single line of text. HERE
Sticky Object StickyObject.mfx Andos @ site May crash if misused. HERE
Stochastic Utility (1.1) Stochastic Utility.mfx Nifflas @ site A mathematical object used to do functions needed by Nifflas. Source available here. HERE
Store Float object storefloat.mfx Xinok @ site Stores a floating point variable; any value with a decimal point inbetween the digits. HERE
Store X storex.mfx z33z Stores integer values, strings and boolean values, not globally. Can be set to 0-based or 1-based. To do it globally, check out the Global Store X object. HERE
String string (Built-in) Clickteam @ site Changing the alterable string automatically displays the alterable string. HERE
String Generator strgenobj.mfx StephenL @ site Generates letters, numbers and/or symbols. Updated 20/08/10 - flashed. HERE
String Parser parser.mfx 3EE  For a more basic string splitter, see Quick Token Object. HERE
String Repeater StringRepeater.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Repeats a string a chosen amount of times. HERE
String tokenizer StringTokenizer.mfx AquadaSoft / Jamie @ site Can split 2D. See this page for more information. HERE
Stringsort X object ssort.mfx z33z Sorts text alphabetically. To see a number version, check out Sort X object. HERE
Sub-Application cca (Built-in) Clickteam @ site Can use a frame from the current app or from an MFA file. HERE
Substring Replace StringReplace.mfx Jack @ site Replaces a string inside a string with another string. Updated. HERE
Superbar Progress Bar sbprogress.mfx Crazy_Ivan @ site This object will enable your apps to interface with Windows 7's Superbar's Progress Bar. Works only with Windows 7, but extension can be installed on any OS. HERE
Super Function sfunc.mfx Jim St. Jean @ site Allows you to run specialised loops and local/global functions. HERE
Surface object surface.mfx Looki @ site A similar object to Overlay Redux; more advanced with more features. Updated 12/10/10. Examples avaliable here. HERE
System Tray Object SysTray.mfx Matt Galanto @ site Commercial License Price: $5 (?). Also check out Advanced Tray Object. HERE
Tab Control tabc.mfx Looki @ site 0-based. -1 at some points adds to end. HERE 
Tablet tablet.mfx Looki @ site Can retreive many variables. Recommended for adding to MMF2 graphics programs. HERE
Task Dialog Object taskdialog.mfx StephenL @ site "Creates an advanced message-box dialog with full customization". Works only with Windows Vista and Windows 7. HERE
Task Priority kctaskpr.mfx Clickteam @ site Oboslete, CPU usage is automatically controlled by MMF2. HERE
Text Blitter txtblt.mfx Christopher Lightfoot @ site Allows you to use bitmap fonts in any application. HERE
Text Threshold textthreshold.mfx LIJI @ site I never really got the purpose of this object. If you know what it should be used for, tell me. HERE
Text to Speech Object TextToSpeech.mfx Daniel Rehn @ site For a more advanced version, try TTS Advanced. However TTS Advanced requires more stuff. HERE
Textfile Object textfile.mfx Jaffob Reads and writes text to files. HERE
The Big Box bigbox.mfx Phanoo @ site This has a hibernate feature. If Hibernate is enabled and this action is used, the PC will hibernate - if not, it will standby. HERE
Time X timex.mfx z33z Also has useful text and value date expressions such as Month name, Month number, etc. 15 max timers. 0-based. HERE
Timer object kctime.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site A example has been made here. HERE
Timeline Object Timeline.mfx LB @ site An object that allows you to hand all time-related things by scheduling events across a timeline format HERE
TimeStamp object TimeStamp.mfx Gareth Ben Martin for Dynamic Arcade @ site HERE
TimeString Object TimeString.mfx Jaffob HERE
Titlebar object kctitle.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site This action is also in Window Control. HERE
Tokens object kctoken.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site Replaces characters in or splits a string. HERE
ToolTip object ToolTip.mfx François Lionet for Clickteam @ site All you'll ever want for a tooltip. Recommended. HERE
Trackbar trackbar.mfx AquadaSoft / Villy @ site When changing the colour, the new colour is not put in effect until the object has focus (been selected) . HERE
Tray Icon object kctray.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte and Izzy for Cellosoft @ site Can sometimes create an invisible icon that still receives clicks. Check what's happening in the Event Editor if so. HERE
Tree Control TreeControl.mfx Clickteam @ site Can be used for a side menu, or for replacing the IconList object. Recommended. HERE
TTS Advanced (more recent) tts.mfx z33z Although this is more recent, TTS Advanced may not be installed on the computer. If that is the case, try Text To Speech Object (basic version). HERE
UHSD Object UHSD.mfx Matt Galanto @ site Commercial License Price: $5 (?). Encrypts memory. HERE
Unrar object unrar.mfx Cocodrilo @ site Extracts RAR files. Supports passwords. HERE
URL Encoder urlencoder.mfx LIJI @ site Encodes a URL to be suitable for a link. HERE
Useful Fastloops fcUFastLoops.mfx Flavien Clermont @ site Standard and chunked fast loops. HERE
Value-Add Object ValueAdd.mfx Gareth Ben Martin for Dynamic Arcade @ site Don't forget, you can change an object's Alterable Value names in its properties. Updated 06/09/10. HERE
Value Packer ValuePacker.mfx Min @ site This object allows you to pack several smaller values into one 32-bit variable and retrieve them. You can also set/clear/toggle individual bits. HERE
Vector Math Object Vecmath.mfx Retriever2 Vector and matrix manipulation up to 4D. HERE
Video Pro KcVideo.mfx G2F2 Media & Investment @ site Fully functional advanced video extension. Updated 07/01/11. HERE (v4.8)
Viewport Viewport.mfx Andos @ site Stretch, zoom and flip a part of the screen, and display it as a moveable object. HERE
Vitalize! Plug-in kcplugin.mfx Clickteam @ site Communicate with the Vitalize! plug-in. HERE
Volume Object volume.mfx Daniel Burke Change the volume of most outputs on your sound card, set each speaker's volume relatively (pan), mute and unmute. HERE
WaitFor + Chances Object WaitFor.mfx RickyRombo @ site Allows you to generate chances, and wait a certain amount of loops after an action is called. HERE
Wargame Map Object WargameMap.mfx ChrisB @ site Hexagonal map, like in Panzer General. HERE
Water Surface Object waterSurface.mfx Daniel Rehn @ site Creates a water effect on the frame at runtime. Can do waves and ripples. Works as bird's eye view (aka top-down). HERE
While object while.mfx Xinok @ site Allows for 'While' loops and nested loops. HERE
Window Control kcwctrl.mfx Clickteam @ site Has actions included in Window Focus object and Titlebar object. Check out the Blink object, the Window Life object, and Window Shape. HERE
Window Focus object kcfocus.mfx Marcello Bastea-Forte for Cellosoft @ site Flash window if window inactive and get "window is in focus". HERE
Window Life object fcWindowLife.mfx Flavien Clermont @ site Makes the app have a fixed minimum/maximum size, and has resizing conditions. Recommended. HERE
WindowScrollbar windowscrollbar.mfx ouly @ site This extension allow you to enable/disable and manage horizontal and vertical scrollbars of the application's window. HERE
Window Shape kcshape.mfx Clickteam @ site Modifies the window's shape. HERE
WinMessPro (Window Message Professional) WinMessPro.mfx Matt Galanto @ site
Commercial License Price: $10 (?). Manipulate and send window messages. HERE
Window Transparency WndTransp.mfx G2F2 Media & Investment @ site Change the transparency or alpha channel color of a frame, window or subapp. HERE
XLua xlua.mfx Retriever2 Three versions by different people: Lua object, Lua+, and XLua. Was updated on 28/09/10 to version 1.5.1. HERE
YASO Object (Yet Another System Object) Yaso.mfx Jack Webster for Clickteam @ site Disabling shutdowns works, but apps opened before the containing app may close anyway. Forced shutdowns aren't blocked ("shutdown -s -f" and hold-power-button-down types). HERE
Zip Object ZipObject.mfx Clickteam @ site Also check out the Archive object. HERE
ZlibStream zlibstream.mfx Darkwire Software @ site  Compresses and decompresses files with Zlib without loading them entirely into the memory. HERE

Other things
Extensions INI - paste in Extensions folder - will rearrange your view of the extensions in Create Object window.
MMF2 Standard newest build - normal, HWA.
MMF2 Developer newest build - normal, HWA.
Would any people that are bothered by the uploading of their objects, please contact Darkwire Software Manager: so he can delete it or otherwise sort something out. There should be a direct link to the download page; the link initiates the extension'spyt download.