The heart of any education system is the child. At Montessori Manor, the natural drive of the child to learn is free. The child can exercise their sense of freedom and spontaneity. They feel joy and enthusiasm in learning because they are doing what they want to do. Gradually, the child builds a strong sense of independence and self-confidence as their skills increase. The Montessori philosophy as built on a child's natural love of learning. Often, high academic achievement is a product of the method.

The cornerstone of the Montessori method is respect: Respect for self, others, and the environment. Within this framework there is a facilitator of knowledge known as the Director /Directress to act as a guide between the materials and the information, thus creating freedom with limits fostering independence, concentration, order and coordination. It is a multi-sensory environment rich with didactic materials to stimulate academic as well as social growth for the formative years of 3-6 years old. The multi-aged group contributes to peer teaching, sharing, and social development awakening the child’s natural urge to explore, discover and learn.

A child delights in being part of a whole community. They work hard at being liked and included. Montessori Manor draws on this inner trait and shows the child appropriate ways to ask for help, resolve conflict, and live peacefully in a community. When a child is frustrated or angry, it is natural for them to need guidance through the situation, and necessary to actually give the words for the obstacle to be overcome. If a child is stuck in a rut with a particular action, a gentle redirection and encouragement out of their negative position often gives just the right nudge toward an appropriate response with respect. Negative behavior is not tolerated, merely given another avenue to make it positive. The staff of Montessori Manor clearly believed it is the adult’s responsibility to give limits until they are internalized.

The prevailing atmosphere at Montessori Manor is one of freedom within the limitation of respect for one another. The classrooms are equipped with Montessori materials as well as supplementary materials that will enhance the classroom experience. The child can choose the materials they wish to work with, but must use them in the prescribed manner so as not disturb the rights of other children. The atmosphere is free from adult domination and student competitiveness. Many different levels of material are provided to stimulate the child's interest and natural curiosity.

Montessori Manor has fulfilled the requirements for approval established by the Maryland State Department of Education (MDSE) and the Office of Child Care (OCC).