Section 4

Tinta Trail to Santa Barbara Canyon

Strictly speaking this section is only 14.7 miles. However if done as a section you'll need to add 0.8 miles from the locked gate off Hwy 33 to access Rancho Nuevo and get to Tinta Trail. And add 3.1 miles for the hike out down Santa Barbara Canyon to the locked gate at Santa Barbara Canyon Ranch. While you are in the area you might as well hike the 2.1 miles each way and bag Cuyama Peak, it's worth the effort. That makes a total is 22.5 miles. If you leave out Cuyama Peak it's 18.25 miles. Either way, with a shuttle it can be done in a day.

I wasn't sure what to expect so I planned on taking two days. I was able to tick off the miles since both road sections (Tinta, 3.0 mi. and Dry Cyn, 5.7) were in great shape. Tinta had been recently graded, Dry is a major dirt road. To top it off the single track trail section of Tinta Cyn. was in very good shape. There were a few areas needing brushing and some rutted sections, but over all easy to follow and keep pace.

Fromm the locked gate the Rancho Neuvo trail immediately crosses the Cuyama River