Section 2

Piedra Blanca to Ozena Station

This section consisted of a one night backpack with a friend of mine, Robert. We started at Piedra Blanca Trailhead and ended 23 miles later at Ozena Station. Camped one night at Haddock Camp, 10 miles in. We started in two cars, leaving one at Ozena Station where our route ended and then got in the car with Mary to get to Piedra Blanca.

I got up at about 7:00, Robert about a half hour later. It was a chilly night, below freezing. My water bottles were half frozen and a layer of frost covered my sleeping bag. We had hoped the sun would rise in the low valley down canyon from us, but we were off a bit and didn't get sun until about 8:00.

When I woke in the morning frost covered my sleeping bag. It was a cold night. Robert brought some Mountain House scrambled eggs that were surprisingly good. It took Robert a little longer to get ready, not having backpacked before so it's understandable. He was ready go by 9:00 and we started up towards Haddock Peak.