Work In Progress

12/11/2015 A Bridge Over The Polywog Pond

6/21/2015 Fathers Day Morning at the MLPAA
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3-28-2015 MLPAA Front Gate and Tumbleweed Cleanup

March 22, 2015 Tumbleweed Cleanup
            November 2014
             MLPAA Mascot

8-25-2013 Our Diesel Mechanics at Work

Photos taken on 7/26/2013 early in the morning - around 6:00 AM

Totem Poles at MLPAA
Totem Poles at MLPAA - There are now 7 Wonders to look at.

March 23, 2013 Hooking Up

Weekend of 3-2-2013 - 3-3-2013

On 3-2-2013 we turned some of the large stumps and logs into usable seats.
The bulldozer also got a workout by grading some more roads in the property.
It isn't all work, there is also lots of time for fun and relaxation.
On 3-3-2013 Dr. Larry Kelly was good enough to bring in his equipment to
help move some of the clay from the bottom of the old lake to a new Pollywog Pond.