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Not maintained anymore. It's purely here as an archive.

I recorded the RMS speech infront of the huge speaker inside the Rajam Hall, (MIT Chennai) using a Olympus Digital voice Recorder (DM-1) at 12KHz sampling rate. Since the input signal itself was so noisy you can expect the same in recorded speech. DM-1 stores it in .DSS format (Digital Speech Standard). Later I converted it into WAV format and then to OGG format. Dr.P.Sriram (Asso.Prof., Aero Dept., IIT Madras) introduced the speaker. You can download both the speeches in OGG format.

    • Dr.P.Sriram Intro Speech Recording Length (min:sec): 5:18 -- File Size 1.2MB (approx)

    • RMS Speech on Free Software and the GNU/Linux Operating System Recording Length (min:sec): 150:01 -- File Size 36MB (approx). (if you need this file email me at mksarav at gmail)

Tamil fonts for GNU/Linux

TABAkaram Tamil font for GNU/Linux

Eversince I started using Akaram Tamil Font in GNU/Linux, i liked it very much. Hence I created a modified version of Akaram Tamil Font for TAB encoding.

    • Screenshot

    • tabakaram.README.txt

    • Download tabakaram font - tabakaram.tar.gz

TSCII (v1.7) Akaram Tamil font for GNU/Linux

Since TSCII moved from v1.6 to v1.7, I modified the Akaram Tamil Font for the new encoding (which duplicates ikaram at slot 0xFE).

Note: When i uploaded these files first (5th April 2002), i forgot to notice a case mismatch of file name in fonts.dir file included in tscakaram-tsc-1.7.tar.gz. The very next day i corrected this, and uploaded the corrected version here. Sorry if you have downloaded on the very first day you need to download it again.

    • Screenshot

    • How to install this font in a GNU/Linux System?

    • Download tscakaram font

Tutorial on GNU/Linux

Preliminary GNU/Linux Tutorials

This tutorial is meant for GNU/Linux newbies who are already familiar with some other Operating System like MS-DOS, WINDOWS etc.., Detailed explanation of commands/concepts will not be there. It is just an starting point. I will keep on modify/add more exercises in future.

    • Exercise-1

    • Exercise-2

    • Exercise-3

    • Exercise-4

    • Exercise-5

gcc tutorials

    • gcc Exercise-1

Networking Tutorial

The computer club guys at SoC, NUS asked me to write a GNU/Linux Networking tutorial for Newbies for a workshop they planned in Feb 2002. It will teach you very minimum basics of networking in GNU/Linux.

    • gnu-linux-nw-tutorial-0.3.pdf

    • gnu-linux-nw-tutorial.tex See the comment in the source file to produce the ps output.

MKS Linux Kernel HOWTO

For those who want to compile the linux kernel on their own, here is a quick howto. For more details read Kernel-HOWTO

    • mks-linux-kernel-howto.txt

Preliminary Tutorials in Tamil Language (in PDF format)

    • Exercise-1

    • Exercise-2

    • Exercise-3