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These are the list of books, I found it very useful in my area of work.



    • The Art of Computer Programming - Vol.1 by Donald E. Knuth

    • The Art of Computer Programming - Vol.2 by Donald E. Knuth

    • The Art of Computer Programming - Vol.3 by Donald E. Knuth

    • The C Programming Language (2nd Edition) by Brian W. Kernighan, and Dennis Ritchie

    • C Interfaces and Implementations: Techniques for Creating Reusable Software (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series) by David R. Hanson

    • C: A Reference Manual (5th Edition) by Samuel P. Harbison and Guy L. Steele

    • Handbook of Data Structures and Applications (Chapman & Hall/Crc Computer and Information Science Series.) by Dinesh P. Mehta and Sartaj Sahni

    • The Practice of Programming by Brian W. Kernighan and Rob Pike

    • Unix Network Programming, Vol. 1: The Sockets Networking API, Third Edition by W. Richard Stevens, Bill Fenner, Andrew M. Rudoff

    • UNIX Network Programming, Volume 2: Interprocess Communications (2nd Edition) by W. Richard Stevens

    • Advanced Programming in the UNIX(R) Environment (2nd Edition) (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series) by W. Richard Stevens and Stephen A. Rago


W. Richard Stevens

    • TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1 - The Protocols by W. Richard Stevens

    • TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 2 - The Implementation by W. Richard Stevens, Gary R. Wright

    • TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 3 - TCP for Transactions, HTTP, NNTP, and the UNIX(R) Domain Protocols by W. Richard Stevens

Douglas E. Comer

    • Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol.I

    • Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol.II: ANSI C Version: Design, Implementation, and Internals

    • Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol.III: Client-Server Programming and Applications, Linux/Posix Sockets Version

Andrew S. Tanenbaum

    • Computer Networks, Fourth Edition

    • Modern Operating Systems

    • Operating Systems Design and Implementation (3rd Edition) (Prentice Hall Software Series) by Andrew S Tanenbaum and Albert S Woodhull

    • Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms (2nd Edition) by Andrew S. Tanenbaum and Maarten van Steen

    • Structured Computer Organization (5th Edition)


    • An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking by Srinivasan Keshav

    • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach (4th Edition) by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross


    • Digital Telephony by John C. Bellamy

    • Signaling System #7, Fifth Edition, by Travis Russell

Embedded Systems

    • Embedded Systems Building Blocks: Complete and Ready-to-Use Modules in C by Jean J. Labrosse

    • MicroC OS II: The Real Time Kernel by Jean J. Labrosse

    • An Embedded Software Primer by David E. Simon

    • Embedded Systems Architecture: A Comprehensive Guide for Engineers and Programmers (Embedded Technology) by Tammy Noergaard

    • Computers as Components: Principles of Embedded Computer Systems Design by Wayne Wolf


    • SIP Demystified by Gonzalo Camarillo

    • Internet Communications Using SIP: Delivering VoIP and Multimedia Services with Session Initiation Protocol (Networking Council) by Henry Sinnreich and Alan B. Johnston

    • SIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol, Second Edition by Alan B. Johnston


    • IP Telephony with H.323: Architectures for Unified Networks and Integrated Services by V. Kumar, Markku Korpi, Senthil Sengodan, and Vineet Kumar


    • Linux Kernel Development (2nd Edition) (Novell Press) by Robert Love

    • Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition by Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini, and Greg Kroah-Hartman

    • Understanding the Linux Kernel (2nd Edition) by Daniel P. Bovet and Marco Cesati

    • Building Embedded Linux Systems by Karim Yaghmour


    • Code Complete, Second Edition by Steve McConnell

    • Rapid Development by Steve McConnell

    • Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective by Diomidis Spinellis

    • Small Memory Software: Patterns for Systems with Limited Memory (Software Patterns Series) by James Noble, Charles Weir, and Duane Bibby

    • The School of Niklaus Wirth: The Art of Simplicity by László Böszörményi, Jürg Gutknecht, and Gustav Pomberger

Charged Particle Optics

    • The instrument - The Scanning electron microscope by Charles William Oatley, Cambridge University Press, 1972

    • Electron Optics by Pierre Grivet

    • Handbook of Charged Particle Optics by Jon Orloff, CRC 1997

    • Principles of Electron Optics - Vol.1,2,3 by Peter W. Hawkes and E. Kasper