Mizuki Takenaka Group

Plant Molecular Genetics

Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

I am recruiting undergraduate, master and PhD course students!

We are interested in the RNA editing mechanism in plant organelles

RNA editing in plant organelles

  • RNA editing events are found in almost all land plants in mitochondria and plastids. This posttranscriptional process alters specific C (cytidine) nucleotides to U (uridine), in plastids about 30-40, in mitochondria more than 500. Most of these nucleotide alterations in mRNAs change the encoded amino acid to one better conserved in evolution, suggesting that these editing events are important for the function of the protein.
  • In our recent research work, we have identified and characterized two types of factors involved in RNA editing in plant organelles, PPR type RNA editing factor and MORF (Multiple organellar RNA editing factor) proteins.