Math 3

Material formerly used in my Math 2 classes:

1-12: Partition a segment: VideoNotesPracticePracticeKey (problem #'s don't match 
                                                                                                    Practice sheet) 
Constructions: Polygons inscribed in circles, Compass/Straightedge constructions, Patty Paper constructions

Exponential Functions 
3-5a, Exponential Model Review: Zombies Warm-UpVid3-5aPt1Vid3-5aPt2Vid3-5aPt3,

3-5b, Compounding Interest: MathClips VideoVideo3-5bNotes3-5bPractice 3-5b
3-6, Exponential Regression: Video3-6Notes3-6Practice3-6

3-6, Exponential Regression and the Point-Ratio Form: Reading LessonVideoNotes,
                                                                                          Guided PracticeInd. Practice
3-7, Characteristics & Transformations: Video, Notes3-7Practice3-7
3-8, Inverse of Exponential Functions: Notes3-8a&bPractice
3-10, Common (Base 10) Logs: CorePlus Investigation (p. 378)Practice
3-11, Common Logs Word Problems: CorePlus Investigation (p. 382)Practice

4-4, Graphing Exponential & Logarithmic Functions: NotesPractice
4-5, Graphing Piecewise: VideoPt1VideoPt2NotesPractice
4-6, Modeling with Power Functions: VideoNotesPractice1Practice2
4-7, Modeling with Inverse Variation: Inv. Variation as a special type of power function
        CorePlus Investigation (p. 3-9), 
4-8, Solving Rational Equations: Video, Notes, Practice

6-5, FPC & Permutations: Video1Video2NotesPractice
6-6, Combinations: VideoNotesPractice
6-8, More Combinations & Permutations: Practice

Extra Topics
7-3, Common (Base 10) Logarithms: Video, NotesPractice
7-4, Solving Equations using Logarithms: VideoNotesPractice
7-5, Law of Sines - Warm-UpVideoNotesPracticePracticeAnswers
7-6, Law of Cosines - VideoNotesPractice    
7-7, Law of Sines, Ambiguous Case: VideoNotesPracticeLink