IB Computer Science

Course Resources
Blue Pelican Textbook (pdf)

Topic 1 - System Fundamentals

Topic 2 - Computer Organization

Topic 3 - Networks

Topic 4 - Computational Thinking & Programming
Topic 4 Assignment - Pseudocode, Java, and flowcharts for slides 21-25

Topic D (Object-oriented programming)
Algorithms & Data Structures: Video
Complexity Analysis (Big O): StepCountVideo, Notes1, Notes2StackOverflow, Quora
                    Bubble Sort Google Docwww.sorting-algorithms.com
Selection Sort: Video
Linked Lists: IntroVideo
Stacks & Queues: 

IA Project
Documentation Zip File (click to download)

Final Exam Review
Released/Practice Final Exams: 2014: Paper1&2w/MS
                                                2013: Paper1&2 
                                                2010: Paper1, Paper2, Paper1MS, Paper2MS 
                                                2009: Paper1, Paper2
                                                2007 (Nov): Paper1, Paper2
                                                2007 (May): Paper1, Paper2
                                                2005: Paper1, Paper1MS
What is abstraction? Wikipedia, whatis.com,  
Logic Diagrams: ProfSerna (stop at 10:33), Spaniel, CatComputerTeacher
Types of Hacking: DDoS, ManInTheMiddle, Phishing, SpearPhishingTrojanHorse(start at 1:24),
                             Spoofing, Spyware
                            Difference between Virus, Worm, & Trojan Horse
                            What's a Firewall?, What's a Port?
Link to Aman's 4 Videos on Networking
What's the difference between a standard hard drive and a solid state hard drive? 20102014

Going In Circles & What's My Name (p. 7-3)
Name Reversal (p. 11-5)
Gas Mileage (p16-7)
Encryption/Decryption (p17-9)
AscendDescend (p19-11)
How Far To The Line (p. 20-5)
Lesson 24 (p. 24-1)
Bubble Sort
Linked List

Misc Videos and Other Resources
What are the best resources (sites, books or tutorials) for learning programming?
Weak vs. Strong Typing: sloblog, Wikipedia