Websites for Grade 1 & 2 students

Color code: 
beige or purple: grade 1
all the others or yellow: grade 2
red: harder

Activity using macaronis to count using groups of 10 (video from Miss Lebel)

Skip counting games :


Adding 11 quiz

Adding 3 two-digit numbers

Watch the video to review how to subtract: Model subtraction with base-ten blocks

Practice using this site (change the number of columns to 2 or 3)Base-Ten block subtraction


Addition and subtraction word problems

Equation on a balance

Balance equations

Weigh it up

Multiplication and division concepts

Introduction to Multiplication on ChallengeU

Multiplication concept on ChallengeU

Division concept on ChallengeU


Identify other fractions

Fraction flags

Modelling fractions with cuisenair rods

Learning fractions with pool noodles!


2D shapes

Identify the shapes

Identify different shapes

Click on the shapes



Grade first skills (there is a limit of time to play if you are not registered...)


Writing in words or using digits


Greater than – less than


Adding 1 (or 2, …, 9)


Subtraction facts


Geometry (name the 2d shapes)


Ways to make a number



Grade two skills (there is a limit of time to play if you are not registered...)


            Comparing numbers up to 100


Add two digits numbers



Mental math

Play on Mathamaze
Practice online multiple choice questions (American website so money, units are different) (click on the question mark that shows the correct answer and you will see if you are correct!)