Miri's (in)complete guide to constructs

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*Disclaimer* Project has been paused for some time, I no longer intend to come back to it.


This site's aimed to (eventually) become a complete reference source for constructs of all types, at this time, it's on its way, but not there, by a long shot.  Plans for the near future include more articles, however future "lessons" are likely to all be adaptations of IRC seminars, and will be posted in that category (link below).  This is due in part to complaints about my labyrinthine link system for the first two lessons.

Updates and News

Newer News (7/27/10): I've been working on a different project for the last few weeks, creating and selling tools for use in energy work.  Also, more seminars have gone, up, and more still are in the works, some will be added that do not focus on constructs, they will be marked as not pertaining to constructs, and possibly organized under a separate header.

New News (6/27/10): A new seminar series has begun, and I will be putting them online as I find time to edit the logs sufficiently.  So far Advanced Shielding and a Basic Tech class have been the only classes, I expect to run the series until the end of August, weekly, with only a few holes where I will be traveling or unhealthily busy.  In other news, the site reviews are in serious need of updating, two-and-a-half years changes a lot in the OEC, several reviewed sites are gone entirely, some have changed URLs, and my commentary is largely irrelevant now.  Expect to see them revised in the next few weeks (read: by mid-August).  Be well.

Old News (6/13/09): Lesenthe has released a revision of his classic article 'Beneath the Construct'  REJOICE! :-)

Older News (5/31/09): I've added a section for logs of any and all seminars I give related to constructs, these are hosted on other websites (thank you Psionicsonline).  So far there are two, one on Elements and Runes in Constructs, and the other on Making and Breaking Seals,  I hope you find them useful.

Oldest News (8/19/08): A new article "Designing Constructs" has been added to the Article section.  The article's topic was originally suggested by Intrepid.  Please follow their example and contribute useful article topic ideas.  Thanks, enjoy the new article.

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Lesson 1 Constructs - general

Lesson 2 Non-shield defenses

Seminar Logs