Welcome To Mimico '66

A Tribute to When We Were Young


         In November 2002, Gary Muth, Lorne Donaldson and I organized the first “Class of ‘66” Reunion.  That original effort saw 55 classmates and teachers gather at the Wild Goose Bar and Grill in Mississauga.  It was great seeing all those familiar faces again.  The following year, to continue the spirit, a second reunion was held with a slightly smaller turnout. 

        In November of 2006, through the renewed efforts of Bob Ewen, a record 145 classmates and teachers again gathered at the Wild Goose to celebrate our 40th anniversary graduation year.  With so much enthusiasm and goodwill generated, it was only natural for a 45th anniversary reunion to take place in November 2011.  A 50th Anniversary Reunion was held in November 2016 for a final celebration of our high school years.


          Bob recognized the need for us to remain connected and to update our contact information.  To that end, Gary has responded with the creation of this website, including his extensive collection of reunion photos. 


          The aim of this site is to be your personal platform;  a veritable museum cabinet of memories, an instant library shelf of photo albums, Peptimist and Pigeon Press archives and MHS and Town of Mimico historical documents.  There is enough information here for an alien to successfully assume an MHS identity.



          Please spread the word to all your school friends.


                                                         The Late David Platt