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Some helpful notes on this site's functionality


Navigation Tips


1.         Click on all photos to enlarge them.

                       i.e.  The  photo of the school building on the home page extends to full screen.


2.         Use the Return Arrow at the upper left corner of your screen to return the previous page


    3.         Click on underscored links to access pages and move through the site.


    4.         Always click the Home link at a page bottom to return to the Home page.


    5.         The Peptimist archive is an external link.  

                Use the upper left return arrow to return to the previous page and then click Home.


6.         Use the scroll bar on the right side of a page to move upwards or downwards.


    7.        There are instructions on the Reunion Photo page to download pictures, just scroll down on the page.



If you are having trouble accessing some of the site's pages, just email us. 

We'll be pleased to help you.