Festival djs

Santiago Gala

Santiago is a long time dj and tango dancer, his one of the resident DJs of the "al fresco" Milonga del Templete, in Madrid, for the last 9 years.

As a dancer he likes to dance traditional milonguerostyle tango, more in the Troilo than Caló, more Tanturi than Rodríguez...

As a DJ he likes to set up landscapes where the dancing couples canget lost in the music. He plays mostly traditional music from the 30sand 40s, with the occasional modern tanda. He has DJed music in Madrid,Alicante, Dubai and Greiffswald."

Elisabetta Piro

Elisabetta comes from Palermo (Italy) and she begins to musicalize in her city, but today she is part of the international DJs and is regularly invited to many European capitals and to Argentina. She participated in numerous festivals and milongas. Her musical inspirations are based, for the most part, on traditional orchestras of the golden age of tango.

She was playing in: ltural, Vinilo, La Maleva, La Maria) Rosario (Abrazame) Paris (La Dolce Vita, Le Chantier, La Victoria, Chat lo ves) London (Negracha) Roma (El Arrabal) Milano (Rosa Morena) Torino (Il Fortino) Frankfurt (La Tardecita) Amsterdam (La Bruja) Barcelona (La Yumba, Casino de Barcelona) Bruxelles (Tango Bar) Munich (Papusa, La Maleva) Nice (Pasional Milonga) Marseille (La Palermo, La Fabrica del Domingo).

FESTIVALES, MARATHONS Y ENCUENTROS: Rosario Amor Tango Festival Paris Tango Roots Festiva London Che Tango Festival Barcelona Tango Meeting Sevilla Workshop Milonga Tango Festival Nice Tango Festival Amsterdam Tango Marathon Amsterdam Encuentro Porteño Munich Bendito Tango Marathon Tours Bella Ciao Tango Marathon Ibiza Tango Festivalito Marseille Tango Encuentro Caserta Tango Meeting Otoño en Palermo Tango Festival Napoli 300 Tango Marathon Cosenza Tango Festival

Martin Schwutke

Martin Schwutke has lived and worked as a musician for 7 years in Buenos Aires. His two sons were born there after his marriage. Tango music and Tango dancing became the passion of his life in Argentina. After moving back to Germany near Hamburg he began working nationally and internationally as Musicalizador for Milongas. Tango DJing brought him back to Buenos Aires as recently as May 2019 (DJing in Salon Canning; Maldita Milonga; Club Villa Malcolm). Martin’s special work on the sound quality of Tango music has been featured in the german magazine Tangodanza (I/2019). His DJ style is traditional with a fine balance of energetic and lyrical elements. His current motto is: Adelante con alma de Tango!