Climate Risk & Insurance

Empowering the world's largest industry -- insurance -- to proactively address climate risk

Since the early 1990s, we have interfaced with the global insurance industry around common interests in understanding and managing the impacts of climate change as well as understanding the risks—and risk-reducing co-benefits of energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies and practices. Two key publications, both in the journal Science, summarize the risks and impacts on insurers and the opportunities associated with greening the industry’s products, services, and investments. The most recent analysis focuses on California, conducted for the insurance regulator in that state.

Much of this work has been conducted under the auspices of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and sponsored by various federal agencies. Other elements have been carried out independently by Energy Associates, including development of the Green Insurance Data Service.

All related work is gathered here.

The Green Insurance Data Service provides extensive information on "green insurance" initiatives on the part of hundreds of insurance companies around the world.