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A major update to


following the January 2023 decision to release the court recordings from the 2014 Inquest. 

These recordings fill in important gaps and reveal how the court was misled. 

Also updated


following the decision of North Wales Police to review the case for potential perjury and corporate manslaughter.

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Their Greatest Disgrace - The campaign to clear the Chinook ZD576 pilots

ISBN 979-8-8429-8674-3 (2016)


Breaking the Military Covenant - Who speaks for the dead?

ISBN 198-1-0384-26 (2018)


Red 5 - An investigation into the death of Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham

ISBN 978-1-7061-4923-1 (2019)


The Inconvenient Truth - Chinook ZD576: Cause & Culpability

ISBN 979-8-5184-5820-8 (2021)


A Noble Anger - The manslaughter of Corporal Jonathan Bayliss

ISBN: 979-8-8342-7923-5 (2022) 

About the author

The author is a retired aircraft engineer, spending much of his career as an avionics and aircraft project/programme manager in the Ministry of Defence. After retiring in 2004 he assisted families and Coroners in a number of cases, including Hercules XV179 where he uncovered the evidence that MoD had denied the existence of. His evidence in the aftermath of the Nimrod XV230 accident, identifying that the aircraft was not airworthy, led directly to the Nimrod Review (2008-09), and shortly thereafter he made the main technical submission to the Mull of Kintyre Review (2010-11).

In 2016 he published ‘Their Greatest Disgrace’, a personal account of the campaign to clear the Chinook ZD576 pilots (Mull of Kintyre 1994).

This was followed in 2018 by ‘Breaking the Military Covenant’, taking the 2003 Sea King ASaC Mk7 mid-air collision as its main test case, and linking the failures to over 110 other avoidable deaths sharing the same root causes.

In 2019 he published an account of the killing by MoD of Red Arrows pilot Sean Cunningham, providing proof that the Health and Safety Executive lied to the Judge during their prosecution of Martin-Baker. 

In 2021 he published the prequel to Their Greatest Disgrace, ‘The Inconvenient Truth - Chinook ZD576: Cause and Culpability’; and in 2022 ‘A Noble Anger - The Manslaughter of Corporal Jonathan Bayliss’.

Following the release of the 2014 Inquest recordings, in January 2023, a major update is underway to Red 5. This will be available free of charge in Kindle format to customers who bought the first edition.


The content of this website has been notified to MoD, the Defence Select Committee and Heads of the Civil Service.  Much of it has been provided by MoD.  The only restriction placed on me was that, before discussing a report submitted to a post-Board of Inquiry investigation into the Sea King ASaC Mk7 collision of 2003, I should request it under Freedom of Information.  MoD then denied the existence of the report and even the investigation.  I am therefore permitted to discuss both.

If any error has been made, please contact me providing details of the correction required.

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